My shoot with Morimoto

I was recently hired to do a day long shoot with Iron Chef Morimoto for Henckels knives, at Morimoto’s restaurant in the Meatpacking district. The shoot was a lot of fun, we spent some time doing action shots and then some straight head shots using strobes. Chef really warmed up as the shoot went along, playing around with the food and laughing with everyone, making it a really fun shoot.  I’d have to say the funniest part of the day was him putting thinly sliced raw beef on his face and posing for me. Oh and a shoutout must go to Diana Pappas, who was my awesome assistant for the day and took the last photo included..of Morimoto and me 🙂

I actually had another shoot there today, this time for, where I shot a fish delivery (all the way from Japan), basically from delivery to table. That shoot will be online next week on Eater. I was also lucky enough to be invited to lunch today after the shoot and had some of the freshest most expertly prepared sushi in my life..

This was really a great experience for me and helped my professional food photography portfolio grow. I hope to have more shoots like this in the future.. now check out some pics:


Mohonk Mountain Wedding of Daniela and Chris

I wanted to post about this wedding I shot last fall at Mohonk Mountain today because the editor of Rock-N-Roll Bride contacted me and said she wanted to feature it today on their website.  I really dig the style of her web site so of course I was enthusiastic. She particularly liked my use of the Holga for some wedding shots. A Holga is a plastic toy camera that uses 120 Medium Format film which I offer as an option to couples, shooting a few rolls shot at their wedding. I’m always enthused when a wedding couple chooses this because I know they’re going to be a bit more adventurous with the photos. Daniela and Chris were awesome and we spent a lot of time roaming Mohonk Mountain’s beautiful grounds during their wedding.  You can’t really tell by the photos but it was COLD out.. they were troopers though and have these gorgeous photos to remember the day by.. which I’m proud of.


And now for a few of the Holga Photographs:



And one of my personal favorites from the day:


And a fun way to end a wedding… saying “Thank You” of course:


While I’m extremely proud to consider myself a New York City Wedding Photographer, I always love to travel as with this wedding. If you’re doing a destination wedding shoot me an email and I will probably travel to you (unless you’re in like Utica, NY.. no offense 🙂

New York City Engagement Session – Briar and Isaac

Briar and Isaac were a fun, easy-going couple. They were totally excited about their engagement session, which I love.  We hit up the West Side of Manhattan, walking along the river and weaving in and out of some cool streets downtown. I think I captured their energy, enthusiasm, and general love for each other. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding now! Check out some of the photos:f11BRIAR-AND-ISAAC-ENGAGEME


Pakistani Wedding – The Wedding of Sunila and Samer

So this wedding for me was remarkable in that it was my first Pakistani wedding I’ve ever shot. The intricate design of the Sunila’s accessories and henna just blew me away. She was such a beautiful bride and enthusiastic about the photos. It was a pleasure to photograph the entire thing; the dancing, the laughter, and the food (love me some Pakistani food). I have to say that I’ve never seen anything like the ending ceremony at a wedding before. Check out the photos and I’ll tell you more about it when you scroll to the bottom.Sunila-and-Samer--1009

fSUNILA-4fSunila-and-Samer--1062fSunila and Samer -1103fSunila-and-Samer--1054fSUNILA-3fUntitled-2f'Sunila-and-Samer--1105fSunila-and-Samer--1174fSunila-and-Samer--1411fSunila-and-Samer--1260fSunila-and-Samer--1313fSunila and Samer -1498

This was the last photo I took of the night. In Pakistani weddings, the bride is brought outside to leave with the groom, in a way ending her relationship with her family. The practice I assume dates back thousands of years when a bride might travel a long distance to be with her husband and might not see her parents and siblings for a long time, so it can be very emotional..the ties to her family are severed and although today this is probably not the case for most Pakistani brides (with ease of transportation), the longstanding practice still carries a great amount of emotion, which poured out from everyone at the was quite a moment with tears and strong, grasping hugs… quite beautiful.