Marea Restaurant – New York City food Photography

I had the pleasure to photograph one of NYC’s most anticipated fine dining establishments recently. Marea restaurant is located on Central Park South and is headed by chef Michael White and partner Chris Cannon. The food is amazing if you have a chance to make it there, I highly suggest checking it out. I did all their food photography during the afternoon and then stuck around for dinner service to catch the action in the kitchen and dining room. I also took some audio which you can listen to while enjoying the photos. Just click the little play button below…. Bon Appetite!


MAREA-1114 MAREA-1022 MAREA-1045 Marea-collage-2 MAREA-1078 MAREA-1354 MAREA-1347a Marea-collage MAREA-1283 MAREA-1394 MAREA-1215 Marea-collage-3 MAREA-1353 MAREA-1276

A lovely Jewish Wedding

I recently shot the beautiful wedding of Bethany and Yvgeny at the Round Hill House in Washingtonville, NY. The house where the wedding took place was really stunning, affording a lot of photographic opportunities despite the fact it rained for a bit. We were still able to find some great light and eventually the rain let up and the sun came out. Everyone had a great time there was a lot of Hora (traditional Jewish dance) and drinking (It was a Russian wedding so the the vodka flowed!)

Now for some wedding photographs:


The bride had trouble deciding between wearing her traditional wedding shoes and these sneakers. Since you couldn’t really see the shoes because the length of the dress she decided to go with the wedding sneakers.. I told her she should do what made her feel comfortable and I’d make sure to get great photos regardless 🙂


Here’s one example of a beautiful photograph by a second photographer. This shot below was taken by one of my second shooters, Jamie:

Bethany-and-Yvgeny--1066Now back to Daniel Krieger Photography 🙂


Engagement session – Jennifer and Dawn

Last year I had the privilege of photographing a commitment ceremony.. which was the first one I had ever photographed. I haven’t had the chance again until meeting Jennifer and Dawn, who hired me to cover their day this coming September. A few weeks ago the three of us met up for an engagement session and got some awesome photos. Dawn is also the creator of a fantastic wedding website called The Alternative Bride, focusing on same-sex marriages, commitment ceremonies, and basically all things wedding related. Dawn also did an interview with me about wedding photography that you can read through that link.

It’s also cool to check out her website because she’s blogging a lot about their upcoming wedding and I’m honored to be a part of it.. check out some of our engagement photos here:

Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engagemen 2Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engageme 3Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engageme 4Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engageme 6Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engageme 7Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engageme

Punk Rock Wedding

I’m proud to have another one of my weddings featured on Rock-N-Roll Bride, a website for creative weddings with unqiue brides/grooms and just general good vibing weddings.. it’s a great site to check out for ideas if you’re getting married.

This is the wedding of Alysson and David which I shot recently in Queens, NY. The ceremony took place in a quirky, quaint church in Queens and was headed by the grooms father, who is the Reverend there. At the wedding were a few of the original singers of Blondie, another very cool detail. I loved the mixture of people there and the overall feel of the night. One of my favorite parts of the day was when some loud old school punk music came on the speakers and the bride and groom ripped up the dance floor.

Some photos:

Alysson-and-David-1035 Alysson-and-David-1030 Alysson-and-David-1006 Alysson-and-David-1021 Alysson-and-David-1062Alysson-and-David-1096Alysson-and-David-1104Alysson-and-David-1152Alysson-and-David-1171Alysson-and-David-1239Alysson-and-David-1226 Alysson-and-David-1213Alysson-and-David-1268Alysson-and-David-1432Alysson-and-David-1496Alysson-and-David-1209Alysson-and-David-1550Alysson-and-David-1530

Free Wedding Photography

This is a fun story.

As part of my freelance photography career, I photograph a street fashion feature for a website called where I find interesting outfits on the streets of New York City and photograph them. The feature has led me to meet some interesting and fashionable people all randomly on the streets of New York.

Last week I saw Jonathan (click that link to see the photo I took for Racked) walking with a group of people and liked his summery style. He had on a nice looking jacket so I walked over and asked him if he’d like to be which he said “sure thing”. While I was photographing him, someone from the group said, “You know today is his wedding day.” His now bride was standing in the group and I asked where their photographer was. They had a small ceremony and had gone for lunch at Locanda Verde (I haven’t eaten there but I did photograph it for you can click that link to see my photos) and didn’t hire a wedding photographer for the day. I said what a shame that was considering how nice they were both dressed up.. so offered my services for a few minutes to do a little free wedding photography, and they were like “Sure lets do it!”

For the short time we had to take a few photos I think I got some nice one’s… FREE-WEDDING-1FREE-WEDDING-2 FREE-WEDDING-7 FREE-WEDDING-8 FREE-WEDDING-9 FREE-WEDDING-10 FREE-WEDDING-4 FREE-WEDDING-11 FREE-WEDDING-12 FREE-WEDDING-3