Tom Colicchio – Tom Tuesday Dinner

One of the features I shoot for is called “One Year In” where they visit a restaurant in NYC that has been open for a year, and interview the owner/chef to find out how business is, what the experience has been so far.

My editor there recently chose Tom Colicchio’s every other Tuesday of the month venture Tom Tuesday Dinner, where once a week you can taste food from the hand of Mr. Top Chef himself.. at a pretty hefty price.  Tom Tuesday Dinner is located directly next to Craft, which has been a popular New York City restaurant as long as I can remember.  The night of my shoot, and what I assume is the normal price, it was $195 for the tasting menu. That does include 10 courses though, so you’re not going to leave hungry.

A few examples of the courses this night were:

Butter-Poached Oyster with celery leaf, celery root & American Caviar

Wild Scottish Wood Piegon with huckleberries & sauerkraut

Roasted Porchetta with chorizo, spigarello & Perla Bianco Polenta

I actually was scheduled to only do a portrait with Tom but he invited to come back later in the evening to shoot the action in the kitchen. At first I was like nahh I’m ok thanks..but then I texted Jordana who said, “Yeah baby take the opp!” So I did.. and I’m glad because I got some nice photos I think.


Upper West Side – feature

I’ve recently been doing a lot of work for the talented team over at NYC&Company which is the official tourism board of New York City. I was hired to visit several restaurants and shops around the Upper West Side to show off some cool spots for people to shop, eat, and hang out.  The feature was called “Extreme Locals” and there’s a rotating slideshow on their website and it was also made into a brochure.  Among the restaurants and stores I photographed were:

Town Shop


81 Restaurant

Knitty City

Popover Cafe

Museum of Biblical Art

Jazz at the Empire Hotel

Levain Bakery

Maxilla and Mandible

This was a great assignment as I’ve always loved the Upper West Side for it’s beautiful blocks and eccentric inhabitants. There’s an energy and a rich history there (both figuratively and literally). When I first moved to New York City I remember wanting to live there, as all I could afford was far uptown (Washington Heights is where I called home for about 4 years) but I used to take the train down to the Upper West side to shop at Fairway and of course, the world famous Zabars, one of my favorite grocery stores anywhere.

Let’s start with some of the lovable characters working the counters for years over at Zabars:

NYCGO-23 NYCGO-30 NYCGO-32Museum of Biblical Art: NYCGO-18NYCGO-17 NYCGO-16Possibly one of the best choclate chip cookies I’ve ever had over at Levain Bakery: NYCGO-15 NYCGO-14 NYCGO-12 NYCGO-11 NYCGO-5 NYCGO---7 NYCGO---6Town Shop is in fact a Bra shop. I saw a famous comedian walk in there with her husband and baby but I forgot her name (another cool thing about the Upper West Side..lots of celebs live there): NYCGO-26 NYCGO-81-3The Portobella fries looked pretty tasty at 81: NYCGO---81-2 NYCGO-81Tuesday night Jazz at the Empire Hotel rooftop bar: NYCGO---extreme-locals-1My favorite new shop, Maxilla and Mandible..supplying all my taxidermy needs (and shrunken head needs of course): NYCGO-22 NYCGO-21 NYCGO-20 NYCGO-19 NYCGO-25NYCGO-33Now that’s a popover (at Popover Cafe..duh): NYCGO-35 NYCGO-34 NYCGO-31 NYCGO-29And my page of the brochure is here:NYCGO-brochure

New Rochelle Wedding – Tionnei and Jason at the Surf Club

Tionnei and Jason just had fall wedding at the Surf Club in New Rochelle, NY. I really loved the scenery here, which evokes a 60s Tiki resort type atmosphere. The bride and groom were so cool and full of excitement when it came to the photos. I think my favorite shot is Tionnei and Jason standing in front of the old hotel rooms.  She made such a beautiful bride didn’t she?

The food here was pretty great and the bride and groom actually sat both me and my second photographer at a guests table so we got to try everything..I definitely don’t complain when that happens!

Other highlights including the bridesmaids singing during the ceremony and a ton of great dancing during the reception. The entire day was filled with amazing details..really great wedding on a beautiful clear blue sky day!

Tionnei-and-Jason-collage-1 Tionnei-and-Jason-1020 Tionnei-and-Jason-1421 Tionnei-and-Jason-1246 Tionnei-and-Jason-1178 Tionnei-and-Jason-1225 Tionnei-and-Jason-collage2 Tionnei-and-Jason-1238 Tionnei-and-Jason-1253 Tionnei-and-Jason-1233 Tionnei-and-Jason-1273 Tionnei-and-Jason-1196 Tionnei-and-Jason-collage4 Tionnei-and-Jason-1489 Tionnei-and-Jason-1590 Tionnei-and-Jason-1614 Tionnei-and-Jason-1441 Tionnei-and-Jason-1317

New York City BBQ – The best of New York’s BBQ restaurants

I’ve been doing a lot of work for NYC&Company recently, shooting food for New York City’s tourism board. You can see my work weekly on their website

This summer I had a great assignment where I got to go to the best BBQ spots around the city and do a BBQ roundup. In no particular order of greatness (they’re all pretty awesome I’ve tried them all at different times and a few for the first time on this shoot).

I gotta start with one of the best in the city, Hill Country – 30 W 26th St, New York, NY‎ – (212) 255-4544‎ :


Then moving over to my neck of the woods, on Smith Street in Brooklyn we have Char no.4 – 196 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY – (718) 643-2106:CHAR-4-INTERIOR CHAR-no-4---sausage-1

Rub BBQ – 208 W 23rd St, New York, NY – (212) 524-4300: – 7 S Elliott Pl, Brooklyn, NY – (718) 797-1011: RUB--Sausage-SamplerRUB---Long-End-which-is-fir

Virgils BBQ – 152 W 44th St, New York, NY  – (212) 921-9494: VIRGILS---Virgils-Pig-Out-3

Another local favorite of mine, The Smoke Joint – 7 S Elliott Pl, Brooklyn, NY – (718) 797-1011: SMOKE-JOINT-BBQ

Way the hell out there, but worth a stop  if you’re in the Bronx (they gave me that plate I shot and it was f*%#ing awesome), is Mo Gridders BBQ632 E 186th St, Bronx, NY‎ – (347) 270-9849‎: Mo-Gridders

Up in Harlem we got two spots..first Dinosaur BBQ – 646 W 131st St, New York, NY – (212) 694-1777, which is a mamoth of a restaurant. The staff there is really great,  but I’ve eaten there a few times and haven’t been wowed by their bbq or brisket:  dinosaur-bbq---interior-1 dinosaur-bbq---everything-m

Also up in Harlem is Rack-N-Soul – 258 W 109th St, New York, NY – (212) 222-4800: rack-&-soul---pulled-pork-s

Here’s a few from Danny Meyer’s venture into the world of BBQ, Blue Smoke – 116 E 27th St # A, New York, NY – (212) 447-7733:  BLUE-SMOKE-COLALGEIn midtown on the far west side in a spot where you don’t really find too many interesting restaurants there’s Daisy May’s BBQ623 W 46th St & 11th Ave, New York, NY‎ – (212) 977-1500daisy-maes-collage

One of the best BBQ in the city, hands down is Fette Sau – 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY – (718) 963-3404 – (although it wasn’t the most fun to shoot….I guess they don’t need press because they seemed almost hesitant to plate some food to photograph, afraid it was going to be “wasted” like I was going to step on it with my foot afterwards). Anyway it’s amazing: fette-sau-colalgeFETTE-SAU--INTERIOR-3

And finally if you want to head out to Queens for your BBQ needs, try Legends Bar and Grill – 7104 35th Ave, Flushing, NY – (718) 899-9553:


Hungry yet? Hope you enjoyed my food photography 🙂

Brooklyn Wedding Photography – Angie and Neil at the Foundry

Angie and Neil were recently wed at the Foundry, a beautiful location in Brooklyn to photograph a wedding. We started the day at the Foundry and photographed both the ceremony and reception there. The daylight in that place is beautiful and the surrounding area gives you a lot of cool shooting opportunities.

For their wedding, Angie and Neil were very invested in the photography and chose one of my options to shoot a few rolls of 120 medium format film with a Hasselblad. Whenever a couple wants me to shoot Hasselblad or Holga, I’m always excited going in because it really makes you think a lot about composition and exposure, so you’re more you’re constricted, but in a good way. I love my digtal SLRs and would never photograph a wedding without them, but playing around with a Hasselblad is really fun for me for a few select photos. Note: you can tell which are the Hasselblad wedding photos because they are in a square format.

Angie looked beautiful in her dress and Neil and his crew of groomsmen were very cool, we all had a great time. From the food to the cocktails to the dancing, it was a wonderful wedding that I’m proud to say I photographed. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.