New York City BBQ – The best of New York’s BBQ restaurants

I’ve been doing a lot of work for NYC&Company recently, shooting food for New York City’s tourism board. You can see my work weekly on their website

This summer I had a great assignment where I got to go to the best BBQ spots around the city and do a BBQ roundup. In no particular order of greatness (they’re all pretty awesome I’ve tried them all at different times and a few for the first time on this shoot).

I gotta start with one of the best in the city, Hill Country – 30 W 26th St, New York, NY‎ – (212) 255-4544‎ :


Then moving over to my neck of the woods, on Smith Street in Brooklyn we have Char no.4 – 196 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY – (718) 643-2106:CHAR-4-INTERIOR CHAR-no-4---sausage-1

Rub BBQ – 208 W 23rd St, New York, NY – (212) 524-4300: – 7 S Elliott Pl, Brooklyn, NY – (718) 797-1011: RUB--Sausage-SamplerRUB---Long-End-which-is-fir

Virgils BBQ – 152 W 44th St, New York, NY  – (212) 921-9494: VIRGILS---Virgils-Pig-Out-3

Another local favorite of mine, The Smoke Joint – 7 S Elliott Pl, Brooklyn, NY – (718) 797-1011: SMOKE-JOINT-BBQ

Way the hell out there, but worth a stop  if you’re in the Bronx (they gave me that plate I shot and it was f*%#ing awesome), is Mo Gridders BBQ632 E 186th St, Bronx, NY‎ – (347) 270-9849‎: Mo-Gridders

Up in Harlem we got two spots..first Dinosaur BBQ – 646 W 131st St, New York, NY – (212) 694-1777, which is a mamoth of a restaurant. The staff there is really great,  but I’ve eaten there a few times and haven’t been wowed by their bbq or brisket:  dinosaur-bbq---interior-1 dinosaur-bbq---everything-m

Also up in Harlem is Rack-N-Soul – 258 W 109th St, New York, NY – (212) 222-4800: rack-&-soul---pulled-pork-s

Here’s a few from Danny Meyer’s venture into the world of BBQ, Blue Smoke – 116 E 27th St # A, New York, NY – (212) 447-7733:  BLUE-SMOKE-COLALGEIn midtown on the far west side in a spot where you don’t really find too many interesting restaurants there’s Daisy May’s BBQ623 W 46th St & 11th Ave, New York, NY‎ – (212) 977-1500daisy-maes-collage

One of the best BBQ in the city, hands down is Fette Sau – 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY – (718) 963-3404 – (although it wasn’t the most fun to shoot….I guess they don’t need press because they seemed almost hesitant to plate some food to photograph, afraid it was going to be “wasted” like I was going to step on it with my foot afterwards). Anyway it’s amazing: fette-sau-colalgeFETTE-SAU--INTERIOR-3

And finally if you want to head out to Queens for your BBQ needs, try Legends Bar and Grill – 7104 35th Ave, Flushing, NY – (718) 899-9553:


Hungry yet? Hope you enjoyed my food photography 🙂

Prime Meats Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

Prime Meats is a new restaurant located in my neck of the woods, Carroll Gardens. The Frank’s who are behind Frankies 457 recently opened Prime Meats on 465 Court St
in Brooklyn, NY and have been doing quite well since. Frankie’s 457 (located at 457 Court street) is an Italian joint and Prime Meats is more of a German restaurant featuring sausages, spatzel, pretzels, and a few other items including Stumptown Coffee (which I also quite like). I’ve only been there once at night but hear it’s pretty packed..they have a nice classic cocktail menu featuring some old style cocktails.

There’s a certain vibe/decor which I call the “new aesthetic” to this place that is common with a lot of Brooklyn shops and restaurants..using antique fixtures, lighting, and a lot of beautiful wood, and if it’s salvaged or refurbished, all the better. Old cloudy mirrors and the light bulbs where you can see the guts inside are usually found at places like that.. I have to say that I dig the style and the mood of Prime Meats, and there’s great light during the day when I’m generally in there.

Here are a few photos from a shoot I did recently:


Hudson Valley Wedding – Michelle and Nick

I was lucky enough to photograph the gorgeous summer wedding of Michelle and Nick at the Oak Hill in Hudson New York. I’ve photographed a few upstate New York weddings, but this venue was really spectacular. They had a mansion and the Hudson Valley as the backdrop for the ceremony,  and a rustic barn for the dinner and dancing.

Michelle looked beautiful and Nick dashing. They’re both big foodies (Nick is a chef) so the food was some of the best wedding food I’ve tasted to date. There were meticulously displayed passed one-bite appetizers perched over fresh fruit, and they had perfectly crafted signature drinks prepared. One was the “Hudson Hooch” which was made with Bourbon and Grand Marnier.

The details of the day were very special and including a Strawberry Jam made by the mother of the groom!

Most importantly for me though, was getting the best wedding photos I could…and I think we got some awesome ones!


Staten Island Wedding Photography – Dan and Alicia

Shot a lovely wedding a few months ago with Dan and Alicia at the Vanderbilt in Staten Island, which was actually the first time I’ve photographed a wedding in Staten Island. I’ve now been a wedding photographer in all 5 boroughs, shooting weddings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and now Staten Island..pretty cool!
Dan and Alicia made quite the handsome couple. Alicia just looked gorgeous and had such a glowing smile. My favorite photo from the day will be quite evident when you scroll through these.. we found a few older ladies sitting on a bench who were willing to pose for us.. very funny and cool wedding photo I thought..check them out:DAN-AND-ALICIA--1024 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1055 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1091 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1215 DAN-AND-ALICIA--11172 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1274 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1044 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1112 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1505 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1333 Staten Island Wedding Photography DAN-AND-ALICIA--1584 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1577 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1548 Staten Island Wedding Photography DAN-AND-ALICIA--1594