Commitment Ceremony – Brooklyn Wedding Photography

Last night I met with a wonderful couple getting married in the Catskills this summer. They were referred to me by Lauren and Erin, a couple who hired me to photograph their same sex marriage a few years ago in Brooklyn. The memory of that beautiful day motivated me to blog that wedding today.

I really enjoyed photographing Lauren and Erin’s special day and was excited when they asked if I would shoot some film. I offer either a few rolls of Holga or Hasselblad as wedding option..and always encourage couples when they show some interest.

The wedding took place at ICI restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Photographing weddings in Brooklyn is always a good time for me, and having the chance to share a commitment ceremony and shoot some Hasselblad was all very cool! I think I captured some really romantic shots and tried to show how beautiful these women looked, focusing on the colors of the day into the night.

Also an update..thank you to Kat at Rock ‘n Roll Bride for blogging this commitment ceremony.. Kat runs a particuarly cool wedding website which features unique, wonderfully creative weddings and I’m excited she’s posted photographs from this one. Check out the link here on Rock ‘n Roll Bride.

I wanted to start with a Wedding Slideshow I made for them:

Erin and Lauren from Daniel Krieger on Vimeo.

Some examples of Hasselblad Wedding Photographs here: The ceremony was really emotional, at one point I looked over to my assistant who was so caught up in speeches that she wasn’t taking photos!  She saw me looking at her and quickly realized she wasn’t taking photos and started shooting was kinda funny.

Adnan Sabir – East Village Musician and friend

Adnan is one of my closest friends, having met him during college we’ve stayed close through the past 10 years, both calling New York City our home.

I remember listening to him sing Chris Isaac’s Wicked game in the UCONN bathroom (he sang in there because of the amazing least I think that’s why) and he nailed that tune perfectly. Now he’s writing his own songs, some of which I really love listening to, being both catchy and having beautifully crafted lyrics.

Last week he was a featured singer at a bar out in Brooklyn named Ceol and I took a few photos..and a few months ago we did a photo session so he would have some band photographs for when he makes it big..which he will.

Don’t take my word for it.. have a listen yourself

New Orleans Photography – A beautiful, rich city

I wanted to congratulate all the Saints fans, who have been pateintly waiting for a Saints superbowl for the history of their franchise. I truly love New Orleans, a city with amazing colors, food, and wonderful people. I had the pleasure to visit the city twice, once with a friend a few years ago and then again last year with Jordana. We went down for Tales of the Cocktail, a week long celebration of drinking and learning about the art of cocktails.. it’s really a lot of fun especially if you partake in booze 🙂

I’m excited to say we’re going again this year and am definitely looking forward to it. Now lets move onto some photos.. here we have a pile of the most delicious dessert treats I’ve ever had, a plate of beignets at Cafe DuMonde, which were just as amazing as I remembered them.

My beautiful girlfriend: Soft Shell Crab Po Boy


Last week I had my first published assignment for the New York Times and this week I’ve got my second one in (which I was actually assigned first but is running this week).

When I got the assignment it was pretty amazing that my editor said, “You’ll be shooting Patroon Steakhouse” because I’ve done a few shoots there already and have a great relationship with the owner and staff, I’ve even shot a wedding at this restaurant where Martha Stewart showed up as a guest!I couldn’t have asked for a better restaurant to have done it for.. it was really a beautiful stroke of luck.

Overall it was an amazing experience and I gave it my all, coming up with a lot of great shots I think. You can view the Dining brief written by Sam Sifton HERE and see three photos. It is going to appear in the print form as well.

And of course stick around and check out some more photos from the shoot below.. enjoy!

Aged Porterhouse for two:

Grilled Smoked Prawns:

Ken Aretsky schmoozing with Chuck Townsend, the CEO of Conde Nast…