The New York Botanical Gardens – An Abigail Kirsch Wedding

If you’re going to ask me where’s a beautiful place to get married in New York City, I have a few recommendations… I’ve had the pleasure to shoot at some awesome spots all over NYC, Long Island, and New Jersey, but a really special location is the NY Botanical Garden, which is an Abigail Krisch property. If the time of year is right and you can have your ceremony outdoors its just such a beautiful backdrop..and the trees and flowers offer some wonderful, vibrant colors.

And from the first photo of Michelle you know I was as happy as Greg was because she looked stunning and so comfortable in front of the camera. Her dress was gorgeous and the weather was perfect for a wedding. Combine these things together with a rowdy, fun group ready to dance (and drink a few shots) and I have some of my best photography to date.. From the silly faces to the endless dancing and laughter it was hard to decide which photos I wanted to post but I think we got some gems here in this beautiful fall wedding…

Oh and a quick funny story. Greg and I share the same last name just randomly, no relation. He had found me online earlier this year when he proposed to Michelle and I took a few photos for a quick proposal/engagement session. I’m honored they came back to me for the photography of their wedding..ok no more talking enjoy the photos!

New York City Pizza – Sam’s Pizzeria

Every other week I photograph a feature on called “Who Goes There” written by Brooks of Sheffield. He visits restaurants around the city that have been here for many many moons, and are are still around serving food today.

Sometimes I get to shoot really historical restaurants in the city such as the 100 year old Bamonte’s or the 104 year old Theater District restaurant Barbetta. Its a really fun feature meeting some of the sons and daughters of the original owners and hearing the history of the restaurant and then reading Brook’s pieces afterwards about his take on the place.

This week we went to Sam’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. Sam’s is a local pizza spot which as you’ll see in some photos hasn’t changed much in 30-40 years, and I kinda like that. The pizza is pretty solid, the service is well..amusing. Read more about it through the link above and check out some of my photos from the shoot here.

Chelsea Mansion Wedding, Long Island – Megan and James

Where to start with this amazing wedding. Megan was a stunning bride. Her elegance and grace perfectly complimented the spectacular backdrop of the historical Chelsea Mansion in Long Island. The weather for this summer wedding was perfect and everyone had a great time. Megan and James both work for MLB (Major League Baseball) so they went with a theme for the tables with different ball players and the corresponding numbers on their jerseys (cute idea). Some other great shots include the adorable kids, some running around in costumes, capes, and some falling into the pond and having to spend the rest of the evening wrapped in towels! In a touching moment the bride actually delivered her father’s speech because he was too choked up to read it.  The evening ended with laughter, dancing, and sparklers.

And what a great compliment that a fellow photographer was the one who referred this wedding to me. Bill Wadman is a phenomenal portrait photographer, so I was honored that he recommend me (check out his site if you have a minute you’ll see what I mean).

The grounds made for a perfect setting for photography, blending my photo journalism with some formal portraits with my hasselblad. I had a wonderful time at this wedding and think we made some very lovely photos together.

Enjoy viewing them!