Connecticut born photographer, Daniel Krieger, is both a product and provider of visual culture. Nurtured in the broad arms of the digital age, Daniel embraced the technologies available to him to communicate his artistic vision. Indeed, photography has been an effective vehicle for Daniel who, after mastering the classical techniques of shooting and processing traditional black and white film, categorically embraced the digital medium. The quality of his artwork has grown in tandem with the advancement of digital equipment, affording him greater flexibility and artistic freedom.

Daniel's creativity, sensitivity, and curiosity is reflected in everyshot he takes. Having studied both film and psychology at the University of Connecticut, Daniel is uniquely poised to understand and reveal the emotional underpinnings of his subjects. His work is at once insightful and respectful- a formula he applies with particular pride to his portraiture and photo-journalistic images.

A series of recent exhibitions have recognized Daniel as a talented presence in the New York City art scene. His passion for fine art extends to capturing the poignancy inherent in special occasion photography. Unlike traditional photographers whose bulky equipment and team of assistants tend to catch the attention of guests, thus producing unrealistic images, Daniel's work is discreet, yielding a volume of work that accurately reflects the atmosphere of the event.