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A cigar Rolling demonstration at Zoetry Resort, Punta Cana Domincan Republic

Jordana and I recently got away for a few days on a much needed vacation to the beautiful Zoetry Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The hotel offered some cool activities each day and one of them was a cigar rolling demonstration. A company (not really available in the United States So I hadn’t heard […]

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John Leguizamo, Shake Shack, Edible Queens, and the New York Mets

When I got the call for this assignment I was excited to hear it was going to be my first magazine cover..and when I found out it would be with John Leguizamo I was even for into it, as I’ve always enjoyed him from his films to the HBO specials he’s done. The story was […]

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Adnan Sabir – East Village Musician and friend

Adnan is one of my closest friends, having met him during college we’ve stayed close through the past 10 years, both calling New York City our home. I remember listening to him sing Chris Isaac’s Wicked game in the UCONN bathroom (he sang in there because of the amazing least I think that’s why) […]

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New Orleans Photography – A beautiful, rich city

I wanted to congratulate all the Saints fans, who have been pateintly waiting for a Saints superbowl for the history of their franchise. I truly love New Orleans, a city with amazing colors, food, and wonderful people. I had the pleasure to visit the city twice, once with a friend a few years ago and […]

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