Brooklyn Wedding Photography

Yesterday Holly and Jeff had a gorgeous wedding at the Green Building in Brooklyn, NY. The images came out beautifully.. can’t wait to go through them all, Holly looked seriously stunning… this was an image inside the Green Building we took right before their ceremony.

Green Building, Brooklyn NY



Bonnie - Yesterday was so fun! Beautiful picture, DK, both on FB and here. :)

Wedding Photographer lancaster pa - Beautiful image Dan. That dress is gorgeous!!!

Jacque - Great capture

Wedding Photographers in Dubai - Seriously, Great timing! Holly is really looking so beautiful and graceful in this pic.

Paki Style - What a great wedding photography. I found a best pics ideas for the fashion photography. Nice sharing.

Samsung NX300

Recently Samsung asked me to test out their new NX300 and shoot some images with it. I’ve brought it with me to a couple weddings and food shoots to test out a few frames. So far I’ve really been enjoying the camera and wanted to share a couple images. I like the fact you can use a nikon mount so I’ve been able to use some of my nikon lenses with it. If you want a read a thorough review online there’s a good one HERE.  I’ll be posting more in the upcoming weeks on my facebook account. Thanks!


Samsung NX300

Samsung NX300

Wedding Photographer lancaster pa - Great idea. with the invitation. I have to use that one

wedding cake

I couldn’t tell if this little girl was thinking about the cake or her future wedding, although I think it was the cake.

wedding cake

Aruba Photographers - Sweet! Perfect lighting!

Wedding Photographer lancaster pa - OMG. You nailed the lighing. She is adorable

Andree K. - The lighting really captures the look of expectation really well. The lighting on the cake is wonderful too!

britney gardner - That is such perfect lighting on the little girl’s face! Well done!

Unique Wedding Ideas - That is the most adorable picture. I also assume she is thinking about the cake :)

Martin Price - Such a gorgeous shot. Great lighting too.

Oscar Rellán - That pretty, that sweet face …

Surprise Wedding!

Amazing thing happened last night, my girlfriend Jordana and I were invited to a little gathering wishing farewell to our friends Khuong and Shannon who were moving out of NYC to the west coast. But were surprised when they stood up to thank us all for coming and announced unbeknownst to us, that we were actually there for their wedding. Then they went and got changed into wedding attire and we did a ceremony right there.. I happened to have my camera with me so shot a handful of images for them.. congrats kids!


New York Wedding Photography

joseph t belisario - You did a great job, at the wedding. Thank you

Marc - Aruba Photographers - Nice. Captured the happiness!

Jay - I love the natural moment!

Andree K. - Lovely and natural smiles. What a beautiful surprise!