wedding cake

I couldn’t tell if this little girl was thinking about the cake or her future wedding, although I think it was the cake.

wedding cake

Aruba Photographers - Sweet! Perfect lighting!

Wedding Photographer lancaster pa - OMG. You nailed the lighing. She is adorable

Andree K. - The lighting really captures the look of expectation really well. The lighting on the cake is wonderful too!

britney gardner - That is such perfect lighting on the little girl’s face! Well done!

Unique Wedding Ideas - That is the most adorable picture. I also assume she is thinking about the cake :)

Martin Price - Such a gorgeous shot. Great lighting too.

Oscar Rellán - That pretty, that sweet face …

Surprise Wedding!

Amazing thing happened last night, my girlfriend Jordana and I were invited to a little gathering wishing farewell to our friends Khuong and Shannon who were moving out of NYC to the west coast. But were surprised when they stood up to thank us all for coming and announced unbeknownst to us, that we were actually there for their wedding. Then they went and got changed into wedding attire and we did a ceremony right there.. I happened to have my camera with me so shot a handful of images for them.. congrats kids!


New York Wedding Photography

joseph t belisario - You did a great job, at the wedding. Thank you

Marc - Aruba Photographers - Nice. Captured the happiness!

Jay - I love the natural moment!

Andree K. - Lovely and natural smiles. What a beautiful surprise!

Engagement Photography

little bit of minimal with this one..

engagement photography

Aruba Weddings - Very minimalistic. Love it!

David @ AiP Creative Photography - I just stumbled upon this, and I’m glad I did. Great shot — love the scale of this image.

justin lee - loving the negative space :D

Kandid Weddings - Love this kind of minimal environmental shots. Well done!

Darkershadesofbrown Photography - Love all the negative space. The composition is brilliant.

New York Wedding Photography

From a recent winter wedding a quick Photo Of The Day. When its super freezing cold outside you gotta make some magic happen indoors, I think we did that here love how this turned out.. awesome couple Thank you Stephen and Diana for having me photograph your wedding!

New York Weddings


Marc - Aruba Photographers - The lighting on the faces is beautiful. Love it too!

Photos by Kristopher - Beautiful photograph, I can’t wait to see the rest.

Cours Dessin - Nicely done.
Wonderful. What a movie-like capture.

Bonnie - Cinematic, DK. It’s so beautiful.

rob dodsworth - The epitome of style. Very Hollywood. Love the concept and capture!

Zenith - Wedding Videographers - It killer pose and wordless photography.Awesome……….

Zenith - Wedding Videographers - It killer pose and style of the couple is tremendous.

Kristy Berends Photography - Love this image and love your blog! Beautiful contrast in this B&W. Thanks for letting me visit and leave with some inspiration!

Newcastle Photographers - Hi there, I am a photographer based in the UK. I was doing some research and came across your website. I’m very impressed with your photographs! I will keep popping back from time to time to check out your latest work. :)

Wedding Photographer lancaster pa - Smooth picture. You nailed this one

Elizabeth Moore - This is such a great photo. Super vintage looking and an amazingly beautiful couple!

Indian Wedding Photography in Muskoka, Canada


In 2011 I spent an exciting day with Shrey and Archana who flew into New York City for their engagement session with me. Together we had a great afternoon shooting in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

They must have been pleased with their photos—soon after we met in New York, Shrey phoned to ask if I’d fly to Canada to shoot their wedding. Shrey and Archana’s beautiful affair unfolded in Muskoka, a lake region north of Toronto at the stunning Taboo Resort in Canada this past summer. Over the course of two days I shot formal photos of the couple—making full use of the region’s gorgeous natural landscape—and their wonderful ceremony, bursting with the kind of rich colors and vibrant traditions that are so fundamental to Indian weddings.

After the ceremony Archana changed into another beautiful Indian dress and joined the party to dance into the late hours. This was truly one of the most warm and festive weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. It was a great experience and I think we captured some timeless images.




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Smruti Paymaster - Amazing Pictures! A truly picturesque wedding in Muskoka and these photos have captured all the special moments with family and friends. Congrats Shrey and Arch! Thanks Daniel for capturing the memories.

Dimple - Congrats guys! It was an amazing wedding…and captured beautifully :)

Ruban Kumar - Amazing shots!! There couldn’t of been a better venue. Daniel amazing work with the camera, you captured the true essence and the beauty of the event.

Roshni Patel - Stunning photos! they are so crisp, love the outdoors, the elegant look and vibrancy. I love the one in the trees and also the personalized armani jacket of course!

Marina Tomasone - Beautiful photos, lovely location but most important – a wonderful couple. Thank you for sharing your special day with us – Marina

Payal Doshi - I absolutely love the pictures. It was a great day with great friends and that moment was captured in this wedding.

Flix Photography - Beautiful photos and couple. And a great location

Venu K - Stunning pictures of a lovely wedding and amazing couple :) Great job Daniel!

Jessica - Gorgeous photos of an amazing wedding, great couple and beautiful venue! The colours are so vibrant.

veritaz - Beautiful images! Love the colors, they really pop!

Rupal - Beutiful pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viral Gor - Incrediable pictures, really captures the true moments and a life time of memories.

Amazing Pictures.

Naz & Sid - Stunning pictures of the beautiful couple! Really captured the day so beautifully.

Viral - Amazing pictures really capturing the moment.

Annie - These pics are stunning! Love the different angles and lighting.

Jalpa Vyas - Some really well thought out photographs; definately captured the magic between my beloved Arch and new brother-in-law!

Annie - Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures!

D - Awesome pictures & great photography skills!!

Shilpa Kohli-Atkar - Beautiful Wedding and it was truly captured in the pictures…. Congrats Tray and Archie once again … Thank you for making our girls a part of your special day….

justin lee - I absolutely love Indian weddings, the detail shots are amazing!

jayna gore - Beautiful photos of my cousin and my brother in law. Just stunning!

Natasha - The pictures look soo beautiful!! You guys look amazing in them!

Vivek Moorthy - Hey Shrey and Archana,

Great pics guys. All the best!

Angie Rocco - Shrey and Archana, I am so happy for you!!!! I truly enjoyed looking at the pictures. Loved the picutres in India. Wonderful memories, great photography.

Karen - AMAZING Pictures, you both look beautiful :) Congratulations!!

Stephen Shefrin Photography - These photos are fantastic. I really like your detail shots. I’ve loved every Indian wedding that I’ve photographed… great people, amazing color, and a bangin party.

Bernie Yeung - WOW these look unreal!!! I don’t believe how well they were captured!

Bernie Yeung - This was one of the most amazing days I’ve been a part of! Thanks Tray and Archana!

Sarah - The photos look awesome!!! Great lighting and candid shots, which will be so nice to have forever. I absolutely love the ring shots and the ones on the dock/water. So nice that all the little details were captured!

Oscar Rellan - Precious. very nice story. Congratulations!!

Chris - Wow… Truly amazing pictures and experience and definitely well captured…. Thanks to the photographer for capturing such great moments for us to relive…. Congrats Trey & Arch, it was wonderful being part of your day.

Aruba Wedding Photographer - Great photo series! The pre-wedding outdoor session photos are awesome, love the compositions!

Photographer Hawaii - love the Indian weddings, so colorful and wonderful!!!!

stacy squires - very cool pics… nice work!!!

Manuel Ortega - Amazing work! You are very talented.

Oscar Rellan - Lots of light and color, I love them.

Julie Saad - Wow! Gorgeous work! I love the colors!

Hannes Uys - Stunning work Daniel!

Zeena - Nice job Krieger!! :)

Ruben Nunez - Monterey Wedding Photographers - Stunning colors! Absolutely gorgeous work. Love how you handle your lighting.

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