Hudson Valley Wedding – Michelle and Nick

I was lucky enough to photograph the gorgeous summer wedding of Michelle and Nick at the Oak Hill in Hudson New York. I’ve photographed a few upstate New York weddings, but this venue was really spectacular. They had a mansion and the Hudson Valley as the backdrop for the ceremony,  and a rustic barn for the dinner and dancing.

Michelle looked beautiful and Nick dashing. They’re both big foodies (Nick is a chef) so the food was some of the best wedding food I’ve tasted to date. There were meticulously displayed passed one-bite appetizers perched over fresh fruit, and they had perfectly crafted signature drinks prepared. One was the “Hudson Hooch” which was made with Bourbon and Grand Marnier.

The details of the day were very special and including a Strawberry Jam made by the mother of the groom!

Most importantly for me though, was getting the best wedding photos I could…and I think we got some awesome ones!


Staten Island Wedding Photography – Dan and Alicia

Shot a lovely wedding a few months ago with Dan and Alicia at the Vanderbilt in Staten Island, which was actually the first time I’ve photographed a wedding in Staten Island. I’ve now been a wedding photographer in all 5 boroughs, shooting weddings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and now Staten Island..pretty cool!
Dan and Alicia made quite the handsome couple. Alicia just looked gorgeous and had such a glowing smile. My favorite photo from the day will be quite evident when you scroll through these.. we found a few older ladies sitting on a bench who were willing to pose for us.. very funny and cool wedding photo I thought..check them out:DAN-AND-ALICIA--1024 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1055 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1091 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1215 DAN-AND-ALICIA--11172 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1274 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1044 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1112 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1505 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1333 Staten Island Wedding Photography DAN-AND-ALICIA--1584 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1577 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1548 Staten Island Wedding Photography DAN-AND-ALICIA--1594

Brooklyn Wedding Photography – Joey and Maggie

I had the honor of covering Joey and Maggie’s wedding recently at Giando in Brooklyn. I knew Joey because he’s one of the highly talented people that makes up the empire (which includes and where I do a lot of non-wedding photography work).

I think everyone had a blast at this wedding. Maggie and Joey were really up for exploring options for photographs, including the apocalyptic looking Williamsburg area near Giando, which made for some cool/unique wedding photographs. Giando itself is quite elegant and the ceremony had beautiful views of the Williamsburg bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

The party went late into the night and people really got into the Hora (a traditional Jewish dance performed at weddings). I was very pleased with how the photos came out..enough talk, lets check out some from their day:JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1201 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1086sJOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1137supdate JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1100 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1122 joey-and-maggie-1370 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1291 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1080 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1288-final JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1129 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1001The Williamsburg bridge, in a wine glass…where it should be: joey-and-maggie-1352-final JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-COLLAGEjoey-and-maggie-1633 joey-and-maggie-1432 joey-and-maggie-1731I love this photo because I feel like I took it 30 years ago (if I wasn’t in diapers I mean):

joey-and-maggie-1690Down By The Hipsters Scott Solish (nice guy I’ve met him a few times now):joey-and-maggie-1527The one the only, Lockhart Steele:joey-and-maggie-1696Maggie has such a beautiful smile and laugh: joey-and-maggie-1484update joey-and-maggie-1598 joey-and-maggie-1515

Motorino Pizzeria – food photography in the East Village

MOTORINO-1106s Motorino is a wonderful Neapolitan pizzeria that just opened a new location in the east village of New York City. The owner Mathieu Palombino asked me to photograph his newest outpost which was great considering what a fan I am of him and the pizza he’s been turning out from his first Williamsburg spot since about a year ago. I would say it ranks as one of the top pizzas I’ve had anywhere, and definitely one of the best pizzas in NYC. And that’s saying a lot as New York City has it’s fair share of amazing pizza.

His pizza is made in a wood-fired brick oven and has a beautiful pillowy crust on top with a bit of char and crunch on the bottom. The texture of the dough reminds me a bit of Naan, which happens to be one of my favorite indulgences.

We had a blast doing the shoot as his staff was very cool and we all got to taste everything as the day progressed. I love my job! 🙂MOTORINO-1006s MOTORINO-1211sFire Roasted Mortadella: MOTORINO-1186s MOTORINO-1308s MOTORINO-1096s
Mathieu drizzles some olive oil over his Brussels Sprout, Smoked Pancetta, garlic, and Pecorino pizza: MOTORINO-1082s MOTORINO-1133s] MOTORINO-1233sBasket of Toasted Bread with Percorino, Chili, and Olive Oil: MOTORINO-1222s MOTORINO-1004sSoft Serve Ice Cream: MOTORINO-1295s MOTORINO-1276s MOTORINO-1075sUntitled-2s
I asked Mathieu if he ate the pizza everyday or if I was just too much having it all the time. He looked at me like I was crazy and let out a loud “of course I have it everyday!” I laughed and said that yeah, how could you not sample that everyday if you had the chance… It’s just so damn good. MOTORINO-1166s

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