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This is a fun story.

As part of my freelance photography career, I photograph a street fashion feature for a website called where I find interesting outfits on the streets of New York City and photograph them. The feature has led me to meet some interesting and fashionable people all randomly on the streets of New York.

Last week I saw Jonathan (click that link to see the photo I took for Racked) walking with a group of people and liked his summery style. He had on a nice looking jacket so I walked over and asked him if he’d like to be which he said “sure thing”. While I was photographing him, someone from the group said, “You know today is his wedding day.” His now bride was standing in the group and I asked where their photographer was. They had a small ceremony and had gone for lunch at Locanda Verde (I haven’t eaten there but I did photograph it for you can click that link to see my photos) and didn’t hire a wedding photographer for the day. I said what a shame that was considering how nice they were both dressed up.. so offered my services for a few minutes to do a little free wedding photography, and they were like “Sure lets do it!”

For the short time we had to take a few photos I think I got some nice one’s… FREE-WEDDING-1FREE-WEDDING-2 FREE-WEDDING-7 FREE-WEDDING-8 FREE-WEDDING-9 FREE-WEDDING-10 FREE-WEDDING-4 FREE-WEDDING-11 FREE-WEDDING-12 FREE-WEDDING-3

The hip and stylish wedding of Scott and Kat

Earlier this week I posted some engagement photographs from Scott and Kat which I shot earlier this year in Brooklyn. Recently their wedding took place in Hershey, PA. While I love photographing weddings in New York City, I do enjoy traveling around and had never been to Hershey (well maybe when I was young but I don’t remember).

The bride and groom were a very cool couple, and chose to have the entire wedding party wear Converse sneakers, which made for a few fun photos.

The groom had the idea to print out some photos from our engagement shoot and use them as table markers, which I loved..though that was quite cool (I included a few here in the stream). We used a lot of natural light for the portraits, which I always love doing.. now for the photos:


Thank you for hiring me to photograph your wedding Scott and Kat!

Engagement Session in Brooklyn – Scott and Kat

This week I’m featuring a very cool and hip wedding couple from Pennslvannia. They found me through my flickr account actually. Scott wanted to do an engagement session in Brooklyn which is perfect because that’s where I live 🙂

So they came out earlier this year for an engagement shoot and we got some pretty cool photos if I do say so myself. We went around Carroll Gardens, downtown Brooklyn, and took a cool shot with the Manhattan Bridge in the background. We also hopped on a subway which always makes for some funky shots.

Come back Friday to see their wedding which took place recently in Hershey, PA.


My shoot with Morimoto

I was recently hired to do a day long shoot with Iron Chef Morimoto for Henckels knives, at Morimoto’s restaurant in the Meatpacking district. The shoot was a lot of fun, we spent some time doing action shots and then some straight head shots using strobes. Chef really warmed up as the shoot went along, playing around with the food and laughing with everyone, making it a really fun shoot.  I’d have to say the funniest part of the day was him putting thinly sliced raw beef on his face and posing for me. Oh and a shoutout must go to Diana Pappas, who was my awesome assistant for the day and took the last photo included..of Morimoto and me 🙂

I actually had another shoot there today, this time for, where I shot a fish delivery (all the way from Japan), basically from delivery to table. That shoot will be online next week on Eater. I was also lucky enough to be invited to lunch today after the shoot and had some of the freshest most expertly prepared sushi in my life..

This was really a great experience for me and helped my professional food photography portfolio grow. I hope to have more shoots like this in the future.. now check out some pics:


Mohonk Mountain Wedding of Daniela and Chris

I wanted to post about this wedding I shot last fall at Mohonk Mountain today because the editor of Rock-N-Roll Bride contacted me and said she wanted to feature it today on their website.  I really dig the style of her web site so of course I was enthusiastic. She particularly liked my use of the Holga for some wedding shots. A Holga is a plastic toy camera that uses 120 Medium Format film which I offer as an option to couples, shooting a few rolls shot at their wedding. I’m always enthused when a wedding couple chooses this because I know they’re going to be a bit more adventurous with the photos. Daniela and Chris were awesome and we spent a lot of time roaming Mohonk Mountain’s beautiful grounds during their wedding.  You can’t really tell by the photos but it was COLD out.. they were troopers though and have these gorgeous photos to remember the day by.. which I’m proud of.


And now for a few of the Holga Photographs:



And one of my personal favorites from the day:


And a fun way to end a wedding… saying “Thank You” of course:


While I’m extremely proud to consider myself a New York City Wedding Photographer, I always love to travel as with this wedding. If you’re doing a destination wedding shoot me an email and I will probably travel to you (unless you’re in like Utica, NY.. no offense 🙂

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