Associate Wedding Photography

Last year I began having associates photograph weddings under my company, particularly for days when I was already booked but was getting extra inquires. Its been a great experience I’ve had amazing weddings covered for me over the past two years and have been lucky enough to have several very talented photographers lend their time and skill working for Daniel Krieger Photography. This past weekend was a good one for my company, when 3 weddings were being photographed simultaneously for me. I wanted to share a sneak peak photo from each wedding.


First Bonnie, a wonderful photographer with a great sensibility for timing and composition, photographed what looked to be a gorgeous wedding at the Old Grey Barn in Vermont. this is the couple Lauren and Beau:

Vermont Wedding Photos

Second we have Adam’s wedding,  another awesome couple with this shot showing off Adam’s sense of humor, timing, and skill with off camera flash! This is Jared and Jenna:

NY Wedding Photos

And I had a wedding that I photographed myself, which  had a lot of meaning for me as I’ve known the bride since she was 10 years old! Another gorgeous couple Dawn and Dennis, I had such a great time with this wedding:


CT wedding Photography

Jai Catalano - Hopefully there was no train behind them. :)

J.P. - nice photos.

Connecticut Wedding Photographer

Today’s photo of the day is from yesterday afternoon, at a wedding in Connecticut . I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the wedding of Dennis and Dawn. I have known Dawn since she was about 10 years old, as she was the younger sister of one of my best friends growing up. I’m going to blog this wedding when I get some time as it was a gorgeous day, and we captured so many wonderful photographs that I want to share….but to start us off this is a moment when Dennis and Dawn saw each other for the first time as the day began. Enjoy!

CT Wedding Photographers

Amir | Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Nicely done. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

Saundra - beautiful pictures!

Andy - Beautiful kiss! Post up the others!

Oscar Rellan - I like, very tender, I love the light.

Brendan Kole - nice shoot

Dexter Darian - awesome

John Turner - Simply an amazing Shot!

Hasselblad Wedding Photography

Todays Photo of the Day is a recent film photograph from a wedding of mine in Central Park. I love being able to shoot some film at weddings, it really slows down the process for both me and the couple. When you’re shooting on film each shot counts (a roll of film is 12 photos which could take a half hour to shoot as compared to 12 digital photos which could take 12 seconds to shoot) So I want to really be spot on with my focus and carefully compose the photograph. I let the couple know we’re slowing the pace…. I think its nice for them considering the rush and flow of a wedding day. Jeff and Ashley hung out with me for a few minutes after we let the wedding party go back to cocktail hour at The Central Park Boathouse in NYC. This was taken with a Hasselblad which is a manual medium format camera. The sun was almost gone and I only had a few minutes left to catch this one… I thought it came out quite nice.

Film Wedding Photographer


Kandid Weddings - it’s come out nicely. really like the 3d look here.

Lem Lynch - Great lighting. Nice use of background!

personalized wedding favors - Very simple yet so pleasing for the eyes. Nice choice of background. Nature will surely help you emphasize the feeling of love.

Weddings Place - This is a beautiful wedding photo. It really jumps out at you.

Charlotte Wedding Photographers - Your wedding photos are stunning.Pefect frame and location

Snappy Canvas - You really did a good job here! This one can be a great subject for a portrait. Keep it up!

Paul nicolson - Nice stuff :)

admin - Thank you for the comments!

Robert Arenz - Love the dept of field. Difficult here on Aruba with all the bright light.


Ryan - Looks awesome!

Tribeca Rooftop – NYC Wedding Photography

I sometimes get future brides and grooms asking if they will make my blog. I tell them that I wish I could blog all the work I do but in actuality I only put up maybe 10-15% of what I photograph because I’m so busy (luckily)..I want to be better about it but its a balance of keeping up with current work, meeting with people for future work, and also trying to balance in a personal life in there!:)  So I’m telling you this because this wedding is now two years old but I haven’t stopped thinking about it since the day I photographed it, knowing I wanted to put it on the blog..and I’m finally getting to it today! (yahhh *cheeers*).

I’ll never forget the day that Stacey and Benjamin came to my apartment to talk about their wedding. Benjamin walked into my apartment with a 6 pack of beers and I laughed. No one has ever brought beer to one of my meetings but I thought that was pretty cool so we popped open a few beers and talked about their wedding photography. I knew I wanted this wedding from the moment we started talking.. they were excited about doing an engagement session in Central Park and then having their wedding at the TriBeca Rooftop in NYC.

Their wedding day was a gorgeous event from start to finish. Stacy looked stunning in her Romona Keveza dress and Ben looked perfect in his Calvin Klein tuxedo. We walked around Tribeca to start the day, capturing some wonderful moments between the two of them and then enjoyed the rest of the day at the Tribeca Rooftop which was an awesome venue I definitely recommend! Thank you to Ryan Dearth my second photographer who did a wonderful job. Enjoy these photos.

NYC WeddingsRomona Keveza WeddingRomona Keveza Wedding DressNYC weddingTribeca RooftopTribeca RooftopNY wedding photographers

Mary | Ottawa Wedding PHotographer - What a great location for a wedding. The last photo is my favorite.

Tribeca Rooftop – NYC Wedding Photography » NYC Wedding … | Wedding Photographer Columbus Ohio, Curtis Wallis, Wedding Photographer Ohio - […] I tell them that I wish I could blog all the work I do but in actuality I only put up maybe ……/tribeca-rooftop-nyc-wedding-phot… Go to Source Author: (author unknown)Tribeca Rooftop – NYC Wedding Photography » NYC Wedding […]

Dearth - Thanks for the shout out Daniel, this truly was a beautiful and fantastic wedding. I had a great time and I’m glad I could help you out. The photos look gorgeous!

Joan - A stunning set! I actually felt like I was at the wedding. There is so much joyous emotion in those photographs!

Justin Lee - Daniel, you have a true gift for capturing epic moments :) These are wonderful.

Stacy Kennedy - Daniel, I can’t thank you enough. The photos are beautiful. I’m in awe of your ability to capture the love and many emotions of our wedding day. You are a true a genius!

Charlotte Wedding Photographers - Your work is awesome. You really captured some great wedding photos

Oscar Rellan - I love it, Congratulations.

Andy Bang Wedding Photographers - Beautiful photos! I’d love to shoot a wedding in New York one day.. The getting ready shots have great color tones!

Jeff - I like the portrait in the woodpile.

Oheka Castle Wedding Photography

A few weeks ago I had the chance to photograph an amazing Korean wedding at the Oheka Castle, a majestic venue in Huntington, New York. The grounds are amazing for photographs and Richard and Susan were really into their photos so we went all over the Castle, capturing a ton of gorgeous photographs. There was a traditional Korean tea ceremony where the couple changed into these elaborate, colorful outfits which I will show in a full blog post at some point, but wanted to share this Photo of the Day today. Thanks!

Oheka Castle, New York


Xavier Swanton - New york is always best destination for wedding.

Amir | Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Sounds like a great place for weddings. Looking forward to seeing your photos from the day.

Weddings Place - Your photos are so beautiful… Oheka Castle has to be a great wedding location

cheryl Lundquist - Your photography is simply stunning. I will be contacting you when I get remarried!

Charlotte Wedding Photographers - I absolutely love the way the bride and groom look in this photo.

Charlotte Wedding Photographers - The framing of this wedding photo is wonderful.

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