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Brooklyn Engagement Session – photo of the day

I have been very lucky to be so busy lately. I’m booked for about 43 weddings this year and at least 20 engagement sessions so I haven’t really had to time to blog as much as I’d like to.


SO, I think I’m going to try to put more single photos up here and there,  as opposed to lengthy blog posts… to keep my blog more active.  I’m starting here with a “Photo a day” post.. might not be everyday but I don’t want to call it, “Photo every few days”.  That just doesn’t have a good ring to it.  The hope is to give my lovely viewers (yes you) something to look at more often..


Today I’m sharing an engagement session from this spring in Dumbo, Brooklyn. This is Zach and Jenna, a wonderful couple whose wedding I will be blogging sooner than later.. can’t wait to share those photos but check this one out for now. Enjoy!

NYC engagements

New York City Engagement Session – A Winter Photo Session

Marc and Talia took a trip to New York City from British Columbia, Canada for a photo session with me a few weeks ago. I was honored that they chose me to be their photographer on this crisp winter day before Christmas, especially hearing how Marc had done his research on wedding and engagement photographers in New York City (he threw out a few big names out there so I was humbled I got the gig). I’m happy to say they loved the photos and I was able to deliver the vision they were going for. Marc and Talia were so much fun we just kept shooting and went from the West Village to the subways to downtown Manhattan, ending with a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. The colors of the day and the enthusiasm of these two made it a pleasure to be their photographer.