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Samsung NX300

Recently Samsung asked me to test out their new NX300 and shoot some images with it. I’ve brought it with me to a couple weddings and food shoots to test out a few frames. So far I’ve really been enjoying the camera and wanted to share a couple images. I like the fact you can use a nikon mount so I’ve been able to use some of my nikon lenses with it. If you want a read a thorough review online there’s a good one HERE.  I’ll be posting more in the upcoming weeks on my facebook account. Thanks!


Samsung NX300

Samsung NX300

Inoteca – Restaurant and Food Photography in New York City

This past week was filled with a lot of food and restaurant photography for me. I had a shoot come out in Time Out New York for the Hurricane Club, a portrait of chef Nikki Cascone in the New York Times Dining Section, and a shoot for the ‘Ino and Inoeteca restaurants.
Jason Denton is the owner and mastermind behind the ‘Ino empire which includes 4 awesome restaurants in our fair city:

‘Inoteca Cucina

‘ino, café / bar

‘inoteca, liquori

corsino cantina

He and his team hired me to come in and do some photography for him last week and we got some nice looking stuff.. make sure its almost lunchtime before checking these out!

New York City Pizza – Sam’s Pizzeria

Every other week I photograph a feature on Eater.com called “Who Goes There” written by Brooks of Sheffield. He visits restaurants around the city that have been here for many many moons, and are are still around serving food today.

Sometimes I get to shoot really historical restaurants in the city such as the 100 year old Bamonte’s or the 104 year old Theater District restaurant Barbetta. Its a really fun feature meeting some of the sons and daughters of the original owners and hearing the history of the restaurant and then reading Brook’s pieces afterwards about his take on the place.

This week we went to Sam’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. Sam’s is a local pizza spot which as you’ll see in some photos hasn’t changed much in 30-40 years, and I kinda like that. The pizza is pretty solid, the service is well..amusing. Read more about it through the link above and check out some of my photos from the shoot here.

Gabe Stulman’s Joseph Leonard and Jeffrey’s restaurant/grocery store

Over the past year I’ve done a few photoshoots with Gabe Stulman, the owner of Joseph Leonard and now Jeffrey’s (which is opening today). He has a knack for creating a beautiful, warm space that is basically tailor made for a photographer..so I always have a great time doing shoots with him. We’ve done a few portrait sessions and interiors for Eater.com and I’ve photographed him for NYCgo.com as well.

The first few shots here are of his 1 year old restaurant Joseph Leonard. It’s an awesome spot if you’re looking for a relaxed, reasonably priced solid meal in NYC (try the burger!). And now across the street he has a new spot named Jeffrey’s Luncheonette & Oyster Bar which is an oyster/wine bar that will offer a bunch of tap beers, sandwiches, and salads. The front portion also has amazing looking cheeses, cured meats, and fruits and vegetables… just gorgeous looking stuff. It comes from upstate New York as well as Brooklyn Grange which is a rooftop farm in Long Island City.

Ok enough chatter here’s some photos:

John Leguizamo, Shake Shack, Edible Queens, and the New York Mets

When I got the call for this assignment I was excited to hear it was going to be my first magazine cover..and when I found out it would be with John Leguizamo I was even for into it, as I’ve always enjoyed him from his films to the HBO specials he’s done. The story was for Edible Queens, a NYC based food magazine where I’ve been doing a lot of photography recently. We went to Mets stadium and John ate some Shake Shack Burgers and some sushi for the story.

The shoot was great and John was a lot of fun to work with, and afterwards the Mets people treated us all to some Shake Shack burgers and fries, so how could you complain (its one of my favorite burgers in the world).

Then to top it off the in house photographer at the Mets asked me during my shoot if he could take a few shots of John, so the Mets would have some photos to use.  I always try to be friendly to fellow photographers so I made sure he got a few good ones in. Afterwards he came up and thanked me and said, “Hey anytime you want to come to the stadium and sit down with the press photographers let me know and I’ll have you come in and take some shots.” How could I pass that up? So last week I made it to the Mets vs. Colorado game with Johan Santana (one of their ace pitchers) on the mound. It was an awesome game and I got a chance to try out a 300mm lens which was pretty cool (brings you close to the action). Now I just hope no one gets mad at me for saying I’m a Yankees fan 🙂