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Inoteca – Restaurant and Food Photography in New York City

This past week was filled with a lot of food and restaurant photography for me. I had a shoot come out in Time Out New York for the Hurricane Club, a portrait of chef Nikki Cascone in the New York Times Dining Section, and a shoot for the ‘Ino and Inoeteca restaurants.
Jason Denton is the owner and mastermind behind the ‘Ino empire which includes 4 awesome restaurants in our fair city:

‘Inoteca Cucina

‘ino, café / bar

‘inoteca, liquori

corsino cantina

He and his team hired me to come in and do some photography for him last week and we got some nice looking stuff.. make sure its almost lunchtime before checking these out!

Gabe Stulman’s Joseph Leonard and Jeffrey’s restaurant/grocery store

Over the past year I’ve done a few photoshoots with Gabe Stulman, the owner of Joseph Leonard and now Jeffrey’s (which is opening today). He has a knack for creating a beautiful, warm space that is basically tailor made for a photographer..so I always have a great time doing shoots with him. We’ve done a few portrait sessions and interiors for Eater.com and I’ve photographed him for NYCgo.com as well.

The first few shots here are of his 1 year old restaurant Joseph Leonard. It’s an awesome spot if you’re looking for a relaxed, reasonably priced solid meal in NYC (try the burger!). And now across the street he has a new spot named Jeffrey’s Luncheonette & Oyster Bar which is an oyster/wine bar that will offer a bunch of tap beers, sandwiches, and salads. The front portion also has amazing looking cheeses, cured meats, and fruits and vegetables… just gorgeous looking stuff. It comes from upstate New York as well as Brooklyn Grange which is a rooftop farm in Long Island City.

Ok enough chatter here’s some photos:


Last week I had my first published assignment for the New York Times and this week I’ve got my second one in (which I was actually assigned first but is running this week).

When I got the assignment it was pretty amazing that my editor said, “You’ll be shooting Patroon Steakhouse” because I’ve done a few shoots there already and have a great relationship with the owner and staff, I’ve even shot a wedding at this restaurant where Martha Stewart showed up as a guest!I couldn’t have asked for a better restaurant to have done it for.. it was really a beautiful stroke of luck.

Overall it was an amazing experience and I gave it my all, coming up with a lot of great shots I think. You can view the Dining brief written by Sam Sifton HERE and see three photos. It is going to appear in the print form as well.

And of course stick around and check out some more photos from the shoot below.. enjoy!

Aged Porterhouse for two:

Grilled Smoked Prawns:

Ken Aretsky schmoozing with Chuck Townsend, the CEO of Conde Nast…

Prime Meats Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

Prime Meats is a new restaurant located in my neck of the woods, Carroll Gardens. The Frank’s who are behind Frankies 457 recently opened Prime Meats on 465 Court St
in Brooklyn, NY and have been doing quite well since. Frankie’s 457 (located at 457 Court street) is an Italian joint and Prime Meats is more of a German restaurant featuring sausages, spatzel, pretzels, and a few other items including Stumptown Coffee (which I also quite like). I’ve only been there once at night but hear it’s pretty packed..they have a nice classic cocktail menu featuring some old style cocktails.

There’s a certain vibe/decor which I call the “new aesthetic” to this place that is common with a lot of Brooklyn shops and restaurants..using antique fixtures, lighting, and a lot of beautiful wood, and if it’s salvaged or refurbished, all the better. Old cloudy mirrors and the light bulbs where you can see the guts inside are usually found at places like that.. I have to say that I dig the style and the mood of Prime Meats, and there’s great light during the day when I’m generally in there.

Here are a few photos from a shoot I did recently: