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Olmsted restaurant in Brooklyn

This week chef Greg Baxtrom’s new Brooklyn restaurant Olmsted was highly praised and awarded 3 stars by restaurant critic Ryan Sutton for Eater.

About this watermelon sushi Ryan writes, “Baxtrom takes thin slices of Long Island fluke and paper-thin rounds of confit lemon, wraps both around pinky-sized sticks of the crimson melon, and finishes it all with fleur de sel. The sugars from the fruit, when mixed with the tart citrus and the high-end salt, electrify in the mouth; it’s like a high end Sour Patch Kid.”

Olmsted restaurant in Brooklyn, NY


Last week I had my first published assignment for the New York Times and this week I’ve got my second one in (which I was actually assigned first but is running this week).

When I got the assignment it was pretty amazing that my editor said, “You’ll be shooting Patroon Steakhouse” because I’ve done a few shoots there already and have a great relationship with the owner and staff, I’ve even shot a wedding at this restaurant where Martha Stewart showed up as a guest!I couldn’t have asked for a better restaurant to have done it for.. it was really a beautiful stroke of luck.

Overall it was an amazing experience and I gave it my all, coming up with a lot of great shots I think. You can view the Dining brief written by Sam Sifton HERE and see three photos. It is going to appear in the print form as well.

And of course stick around and check out some more photos from the shoot below.. enjoy!

Aged Porterhouse for two:

Grilled Smoked Prawns:

Ken Aretsky schmoozing with Chuck Townsend, the CEO of Conde Nast…

New York Times assignment – Le Caprice at the Pierre Hotel

Since I started getting into food/restaurant photography a few years I had one specific goal I always wanted to achieve, and that was to get an assignment for the New York Times. Today I had my first published piece and I’ve shot another one (yet to be published but will hopefully appear soon). This shoot is at the new Le Caprice restaurant at the Pierre Hotel, on 5th avenue next to Central Park.

The staff there was very friendly and the room was beautiful. The food looked pretty great (especially that smoked haddock trout, the one the knife and fork are cutting) but I didn’t try anything because I was meeting Jordana for dinner at Tipsy Parson that night (amazing meal).

You can read the review by Sam Sifton here. There’s a slideshow with my photos on that main page as well.


Eating out in New York City for Haiti – Finally an excuse to eat bone marrow

The good people over at Time Out New York have been putting together a list of restaurants in New York City that are donating a portion of their receipts to Haiti on this upcoming Sunday, January 24th (also my birthday for those of you who haven’t gone shopping yet). just kidding.

So if you’re in New York City on Sunday, try to hit up some of the restaurants on this list. It’s really great that all these restaurants have gotten together for a good cause. So go eat something. Another site to check out is Dine Out 4 Haiti.

The following photos of mine are from shoots at just a few of the participating restaurants (and some of my personal choices you should visit on Sunday!)

If you’re in the Meat Packing district swing by Morimoto for some of the best sushi in the city:

Michael White’s Marea is the restaurant I’d choose if I want to spend a lot of money but get one of the best meals of your life:

Michael Psilakis is doing some delicious things on the Upper West Side at Kefi:

If you want sweet delicious BBQ try Hill Country:

I’m not sure I’m cool enough to eat here but I’ve tasted a few awesome things at Delicatessen:

Another Michael White/Chris Canon restaurant, Convivio is giving to Haiti:

If you want a beautiful wine selection, try Ardesia: