Adnan Sabir – East Village Musician and friend

Adnan is one of my closest friends, having met him during college we’ve stayed close through the past 10 years, both calling New York City our home.

I remember listening to him sing Chris Isaac’s Wicked game in the UCONN bathroom (he sang in there because of the amazing least I think that’s why) and he nailed that tune perfectly. Now he’s writing his own songs, some of which I really love listening to, being both catchy and having beautifully crafted lyrics.

Last week he was a featured singer at a bar out in Brooklyn named Ceol and I took a few photos..and a few months ago we did a photo session so he would have some band photographs for when he makes it big..which he will.

Don’t take my word for it.. have a listen yourself

3 thoughts on “Adnan Sabir – East Village Musician and friend”

  1. What a beautiful post Daniel. Having heard Adnan perform live myself, I’m with you that he’s one to watch. Good luck!

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