Engagement session – Jennifer and Dawn

Last year I had the privilege of photographing a commitment ceremony.. which was the first one I had ever photographed. I haven’t had the chance again until meeting Jennifer and Dawn, who hired me to cover their day this coming September. A few weeks ago the three of us met up for an engagement session and got some awesome photos. Dawn is also the creator of a fantastic wedding website called The Alternative Bride, focusing on same-sex marriages, commitment ceremonies, and basically all things wedding related. Dawn also did an interview with me about wedding photography that you can read through that link.

It’s also cool to check out her website because she’s blogging a lot about their upcoming wedding and I’m honored to be a part of it.. check out some of our engagement photos here:

Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engagemen 2Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engageme 3Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engageme 4Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engageme 6Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engageme 7Dawn-and-Jennifer-Engageme

5 thoughts on “Engagement session – Jennifer and Dawn”

  1. My friends are beautiful – and your work is flawless. Thank you so much for making them so happy and for your amazing work. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for everything Daniel! We’re so happy with how everything turned out. We had a blast that day and we can’t wait for the wedding!!!

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