Gabe Stulman’s Joseph Leonard and Jeffrey’s restaurant/grocery store

Over the past year I’ve done a few photoshoots with Gabe Stulman, the owner of Joseph Leonard and now Jeffrey’s (which is opening today). He has a knack for creating a beautiful, warm space that is basically tailor made for a I always have a great time doing shoots with him. We’ve done a few portrait sessions and interiors for and I’ve photographed him for as well.

The first few shots here are of his 1 year old restaurant Joseph Leonard. It’s an awesome spot if you’re looking for a relaxed, reasonably priced solid meal in NYC (try the burger!). And now across the street he has a new spot named Jeffrey’s Luncheonette & Oyster Bar which is an oyster/wine bar that will offer a bunch of tap beers, sandwiches, and salads. The front portion also has amazing looking cheeses, cured meats, and fruits and vegetables… just gorgeous looking stuff. It comes from upstate New York as well as Brooklyn Grange which is a rooftop farm in Long Island City.

Ok enough chatter here’s some photos:

5 thoughts on “Gabe Stulman’s Joseph Leonard and Jeffrey’s restaurant/grocery store”

  1. Wow! Great photos! You really captured the quality of the light and the freshness of the great looking food. Loved the photos, and I want to go to the place! The open and light feeling of the restaurant is so appealing. Joanie

  2. These pictures have captured the true spirit of my sons vision. I do not have a thousand words which could match what you have put into portrait. From these photographs I can see the comfort and joy that Gabriel tries to create for his guests/patrons. That essence is not an illusion but rather the magic he hopes all will be able to share. I salute your minds eye that sees what the camera captures before you trip the shutter. Thank you for doing it so well.

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