Inoteca – Restaurant and Food Photography in New York City

This past week was filled with a lot of food and restaurant photography for me. I had a shoot come out in Time Out New York for the Hurricane Club, a portrait of chef Nikki Cascone in the New York Times Dining Section, and a shoot for the ‘Ino and Inoeteca restaurants.
Jason Denton is the owner and mastermind behind the ‘Ino empire which includes 4 awesome restaurants in our fair city:

‘Inoteca Cucina

‘ino, café / bar

‘inoteca, liquori

corsino cantina

He and his team hired me to come in and do some photography for him last week and we got some nice looking stuff.. make sure its almost lunchtime before checking these out!

6 thoughts on “Inoteca – Restaurant and Food Photography in New York City”

  1. I love this post! Mostly because of the photos, but a bit because Corsino is my favorite wine spot near my casa! Thanks for the lovely post!

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