Louis Theroux – Photojournalism assignment for the BBC

In one of the more interesting, challenging assignments I’ve had was when I was asked to photograph BBC Documentary film maker Louis Theroux for the BBC.  Louis Theroux went into Philadelphia to make a documentary about the police department in one of Philadelphia’s roughest neighborhoods.

My assignment was to follow Theroux for a few hours into some of the neighborhoods he had been documenting on film.  The BBC wanted some stills for promotion such as this little piece here on the UK Telegraph.  Accompanied with some of the Philadelphia police we went to some of toughest streets and areas I’ve ever seen. I was a bit nervous even accompanied by these huge guys with guns.. it was intense, but great experience. I recently shot a second assignment for another documentary with him that I will post about eventually.

You can watch the entire documentary online here and check out some of my photographs below:

7 thoughts on “Louis Theroux – Photojournalism assignment for the BBC”

  1. Nice one, Daniel. What was he like? Coincidentally, my son Alexander and I were chatting about Louis Theroux the other night. It’s amazing how he manages to gain the confidence of so many unusual people.

  2. Thanks for the comments!

    Garry – He was very cool to hang out with..intense and focused I will say. One thing I remember about him the first shoot was that he brought a copy of the New York Times with him and seemed to be reading it whenever he had a chance. I just found that interesting, I’m sure if you do what he does you need to stay on top of current events all the time.

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