Motorino Pizzeria – food photography in the East Village

MOTORINO-1106s Motorino is a wonderful Neapolitan pizzeria that just opened a new location in the east village of New York City. The owner Mathieu Palombino asked me to photograph his newest outpost which was great considering what a fan I am of him and the pizza he’s been turning out from his first Williamsburg spot since about a year ago. I would say it ranks as one of the top pizzas I’ve had anywhere, and definitely one of the best pizzas in NYC. And that’s saying a lot as New York City has it’s fair share of amazing pizza.

His pizza is made in a wood-fired brick oven and has a beautiful pillowy crust on top with a bit of char and crunch on the bottom. The texture of the dough reminds me a bit of Naan, which happens to be one of my favorite indulgences.

We had a blast doing the shoot as his staff was very cool and we all got to taste everything as the day progressed. I love my job! 🙂MOTORINO-1006s MOTORINO-1211sFire Roasted Mortadella: MOTORINO-1186s MOTORINO-1308s MOTORINO-1096s
Mathieu drizzles some olive oil over his Brussels Sprout, Smoked Pancetta, garlic, and Pecorino pizza: MOTORINO-1082s MOTORINO-1133s] MOTORINO-1233sBasket of Toasted Bread with Percorino, Chili, and Olive Oil: MOTORINO-1222s MOTORINO-1004sSoft Serve Ice Cream: MOTORINO-1295s MOTORINO-1276s MOTORINO-1075sUntitled-2s
I asked Mathieu if he ate the pizza everyday or if I was just too much having it all the time. He looked at me like I was crazy and let out a loud “of course I have it everyday!” I laughed and said that yeah, how could you not sample that everyday if you had the chance… It’s just so damn good. MOTORINO-1166s

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