My shoot with Morimoto

I was recently hired to do a day long shoot with Iron Chef Morimoto for Henckels knives, at Morimoto’s restaurant in the Meatpacking district. The shoot was a lot of fun, we spent some time doing action shots and then some straight head shots using strobes. Chef really warmed up as the shoot went along, playing around with the food and laughing with everyone, making it a really fun shoot.  I’d have to say the funniest part of the day was him putting thinly sliced raw beef on his face and posing for me. Oh and a shoutout must go to Diana Pappas, who was my awesome assistant for the day and took the last photo included..of Morimoto and me 🙂

I actually had another shoot there today, this time for, where I shot a fish delivery (all the way from Japan), basically from delivery to table. That shoot will be online next week on Eater. I was also lucky enough to be invited to lunch today after the shoot and had some of the freshest most expertly prepared sushi in my life..

This was really a great experience for me and helped my professional food photography portfolio grow. I hope to have more shoots like this in the future.. now check out some pics:


10 thoughts on “My shoot with Morimoto”

  1. I took Allyson to his restaurant last year for her birthday … one of the best meals we have had in the city. The food, the presentation, the atmosphere … simply amazing. You captured him beautifully … his intensity and his playfulness. Must have been such a great experience. Congrats!

  2. Looks great, Daniel! Thanks so much for including me on the shoot. You really captured the professionalism and creativity of Morimoto – and that man sure can wield a knife! Great job!

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