New Orleans Photography – A beautiful, rich city

I wanted to congratulate all the Saints fans, who have been pateintly waiting for a Saints superbowl for the history of their franchise. I truly love New Orleans, a city with amazing colors, food, and wonderful people. I had the pleasure to visit the city twice, once with a friend a few years ago and then again last year with Jordana. We went down for Tales of the Cocktail, a week long celebration of drinking and learning about the art of cocktails.. it’s really a lot of fun especially if you partake in booze 🙂

I’m excited to say we’re going again this year and am definitely looking forward to it. Now lets move onto some photos.. here we have a pile of the most delicious dessert treats I’ve ever had, a plate of beignets at Cafe DuMonde, which were just as amazing as I remembered them.

My beautiful girlfriend: Soft Shell Crab Po Boy

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