New York City Engagement Session – A Winter Photo Session

Marc and Talia took a trip to New York City from British Columbia, Canada for a photo session with me a few weeks ago. I was honored that they chose me to be their photographer on this crisp winter day before Christmas, especially hearing how Marc had done his research on wedding and engagement photographers in New York City (he threw out a few big names out there so I was humbled I got the gig). I’m happy to say they loved the photos and I was able to deliver the vision they were going for. Marc and Talia were so much fun we just kept shooting and went from the West Village to the subways to downtown Manhattan, ending with a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. The colors of the day and the enthusiasm of these two made it a pleasure to be their photographer.

30 thoughts on “New York City Engagement Session – A Winter Photo Session”

  1. No wonder they were pleased with these. They are, quite frankly, all great. I especially like the shot of them running towards the restaurant, the red bottom of her shoes is a nice detail!

  2. Incredible Daniel, the ones on the underground and the black and white with them in the middle of the street and the blurry car in backround are my faves. Great job !

  3. A great work once again for this engagement session. Compositions are very meticulous and work very well. Lovely portraits and I love your work on depth of field. Greetings from France, I would love to have you as a photograph for my engagement!

  4. I love the feel of these shots. Makes me want to jump on a plane and spend a day in NYC with my love. Sooo romantic. I think my favorite is the one shooting up at them from the subway. Super fab

  5. Great photos and awesome work of a photographer. I like the way how this photographer shows the beauty of people, their emotions, happiness. Everything is done perfectly, a photographer is a skilled master of his business!

  6. These are so good. I love the different compositions and the use of the focus/out of focus effect. I find the use of different lenses so fitting to the different locations. Love the colors and the sharpness. Excellent job!

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