New York City Pizza – Sam’s Pizzeria

Every other week I photograph a feature on called “Who Goes There” written by Brooks of Sheffield. He visits restaurants around the city that have been here for many many moons, and are are still around serving food today.

Sometimes I get to shoot really historical restaurants in the city such as the 100 year old Bamonte’s or the 104 year old Theater District restaurant Barbetta. Its a really fun feature meeting some of the sons and daughters of the original owners and hearing the history of the restaurant and then reading Brook’s pieces afterwards about his take on the place.

This week we went to Sam’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. Sam’s is a local pizza spot which as you’ll see in some photos hasn’t changed much in 30-40 years, and I kinda like that. The pizza is pretty solid, the service is well..amusing. Read more about it through the link above and check out some of my photos from the shoot here.

4 thoughts on “New York City Pizza – Sam’s Pizzeria”

  1. They said that Pizza tastes great if it is in natural oven bake,, and you have the same process. I like your way of doing it. I am into food business and I am motivated from your field of interest which is Pizzeria, tnx.

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