New York Times Editorial Assignment – Fat Radish

Today, Sam Sifton (the restaurant critic for the New York Times) reviewed Fat Radish, a new restaurant on the Lower East Side of NYC. His review is HERE on the New York Times website.  He gave it a nice one star review (which is good rating to get on their scale for a restaurant like this).  I got the assignment and went to shoot it last week.. I love the vibe of the restaurant and the overall atmosphere. The lighting is very dim and tricky for photos but I think I managed to get a few really cool shots.

Some of these dishes below include Monkfish Vindaloo; Crabmeant Gratin; Hamburger; and Rilletes

10 thoughts on “New York Times Editorial Assignment – Fat Radish”

  1. Great shots of the food and atmosphere, makes me want to check this place out. If 1 star is a good review for a place like this, what would a bad review get? 0.5? just 0? That’s a rough grading scale.

  2. Hey Ryan – There are zero stars but you can still have a rating with zero stars (sometimes they write Fair and then I forget what the other is).

    Two stars is a really great review.. and three stars is excellent.. means your food, service, and overall experience is just awesome. Price is also taken into account.

    Four stars is almost unheard of, out of the thousands of restaurants in NYC there are only 7 restaurants with 4 stars..
    – Daniel
    – Del Posto
    – Eleven Madison Park
    – Jean Georges
    – Le Bernardin
    – Masa
    – Per Se

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