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For the past few years I’ve been shooting a feature for the website called “Street Scenes”. I approach people on the street and ask them about their outfit and then take a photo. This is similar to a feature in Time Out New York that I had read for years (its like the first page when you open the magazine) and also a guy named The Sartorialist, has made quite a name for himself doing the same thing. Although this feature hasn’t brought me the cover of a magazine just yet, I’ve been interviewed for a fashion website and had some of them featured in an Art magazine last year…so its a good gig.

I really enjoy this feature because I meet and photographed a ton of interesting people including models, musicians, CEO’s, EIC’s, Mo Rocca, Parker Posey, The Sartorialist, and a woman whose wedding I ended up photographing because of this feature.

I have hundreds of these photos in my collection over the past few years, and will probably post them here every once in awhile..but here are some from the past few months I’ve photographed in New York City2009_08_sarah 2009_08_mateo 2009_08_lindsey 2009_07_mark 2009_06_scout 2009_06_khalil 2009_06_eric 2009_05_tash 2009_05_josh 2009_05_jill 2009_08_jonathan 2009_08_annatruus 2009_08_beth 2009_07_kiet 2009_07_alanzo

5 thoughts on “Street Fashion Photography”

  1. Hey Daniel,
    You stopped me on the street a couple of weeks ago to take my photo. I am the stylist who was wearing the fur collared coat and stripped scarf and mitts.

    Great site! Are you planning on uploading my picture? Also, my fiance and I are planning our wedding for this summer. Two ceremonies. Maybe we could use you?

    I really enjoy your work!
    Let me know.


    Maria Lampeas

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