Tom Colicchio – Tom Tuesday Dinner

One of the features I shoot for is called “One Year In” where they visit a restaurant in NYC that has been open for a year, and interview the owner/chef to find out how business is, what the experience has been so far.

My editor there recently chose Tom Colicchio’s every other Tuesday of the month venture Tom Tuesday Dinner, where once a week you can taste food from the hand of Mr. Top Chef himself.. at a pretty hefty price.  Tom Tuesday Dinner is located directly next to Craft, which has been a popular New York City restaurant as long as I can remember.  The night of my shoot, and what I assume is the normal price, it was $195 for the tasting menu. That does include 10 courses though, so you’re not going to leave hungry.

A few examples of the courses this night were:

Butter-Poached Oyster with celery leaf, celery root & American Caviar

Wild Scottish Wood Piegon with huckleberries & sauerkraut

Roasted Porchetta with chorizo, spigarello & Perla Bianco Polenta

I actually was scheduled to only do a portrait with Tom but he invited to come back later in the evening to shoot the action in the kitchen. At first I was like nahh I’m ok thanks..but then I texted Jordana who said, “Yeah baby take the opp!” So I did.. and I’m glad because I got some nice photos I think.


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