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I’ve recently been doing a lot of work for the talented team over at NYC&Company which is the official tourism board of New York City. I was hired to visit several restaurants and shops around the Upper West Side to show off some cool spots for people to shop, eat, and hang out.  The feature was called “Extreme Locals” and there’s a rotating slideshow on their website and it was also made into a brochure.  Among the restaurants and stores I photographed were:

Town Shop


81 Restaurant

Knitty City

Popover Cafe

Museum of Biblical Art

Jazz at the Empire Hotel

Levain Bakery

Maxilla and Mandible

This was a great assignment as I’ve always loved the Upper West Side for it’s beautiful blocks and eccentric inhabitants. There’s an energy and a rich history there (both figuratively and literally). When I first moved to New York City I remember wanting to live there, as all I could afford was far uptown (Washington Heights is where I called home for about 4 years) but I used to take the train down to the Upper West side to shop at Fairway and of course, the world famous Zabars, one of my favorite grocery stores anywhere.

Let’s start with some of the lovable characters working the counters for years over at Zabars:

NYCGO-23 NYCGO-30 NYCGO-32Museum of Biblical Art: NYCGO-18NYCGO-17 NYCGO-16Possibly one of the best choclate chip cookies I’ve ever had over at Levain Bakery: NYCGO-15 NYCGO-14 NYCGO-12 NYCGO-11 NYCGO-5 NYCGO---7 NYCGO---6Town Shop is in fact a Bra shop. I saw a famous comedian walk in there with her husband and baby but I forgot her name (another cool thing about the Upper West Side..lots of celebs live there): NYCGO-26 NYCGO-81-3The Portobella fries looked pretty tasty at 81: NYCGO---81-2 NYCGO-81Tuesday night Jazz at the Empire Hotel rooftop bar: NYCGO---extreme-locals-1My favorite new shop, Maxilla and Mandible..supplying all my taxidermy needs (and shrunken head needs of course): NYCGO-22 NYCGO-21 NYCGO-20 NYCGO-19 NYCGO-25NYCGO-33Now that’s a popover (at Popover Cafe..duh): NYCGO-35 NYCGO-34 NYCGO-31 NYCGO-29And my page of the brochure is here:NYCGO-brochure

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