Will you Marry Me? – A wedding proposal

First off, to all couples getting married in New York City in 2010, you should check out the Brooklyn Wedding Crashers fair taking place next Saturday, January 9th in Brooklyn. You can find out more information on this website. If you’re interested in going please shoot me an email and I can put you on the guest list.  I was also asked to present a lecture on wedding photography at 3PM, so if you attend you can check that out and come meet with me afterwards!

On to the post…  A few weeks ago it was a rainy, gloomy day for most of Brooklyn, but not for Greg and Michelle. Greg proposed to Michelle and I was there for them to capture the moment. Greg and I planned out a scheme where I “accidentally” bumped into them and tricked Michelle by telling her that I was taking a photography class and wanted to practice by taking a photo of them.. They agreed and I snapped a few shots..

Then I walked a few feet away and watched as Gregg dropped to his knee and proposed to Michelle. We took a few photos and then sent them on their way to celebrate.. It was a really lovely moment to be a part of. Congratulations to this future Brooklyn wedding couple!


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