Pakistani Wedding – The Wedding of Sunila and Samer

So this wedding for me was remarkable in that it was my first Pakistani wedding I’ve ever shot. The intricate design of the Sunila’s accessories and henna just blew me away. She was such a beautiful bride and enthusiastic about the photos. It was a pleasure to photograph the entire thing; the dancing, the laughter, and the food (love me some Pakistani food). I have to say that I’ve never seen anything like the ending ceremony at a wedding before. Check out the photos and I’ll tell you more about it when you scroll to the bottom.Sunila-and-Samer--1009

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This was the last photo I took of the night. In Pakistani weddings, the bride is brought outside to leave with the groom, in a way ending her relationship with her family. The practice I assume dates back thousands of years when a bride might travel a long distance to be with her husband and might not see her parents and siblings for a long time, so it can be very emotional..the ties to her family are severed and although today this is probably not the case for most Pakistani brides (with ease of transportation), the longstanding practice still carries a great amount of emotion, which poured out from everyone at the was quite a moment with tears and strong, grasping hugs… quite beautiful.

Sunila - Dan thank you so much for capturing our wedding day with such beautiful pictures! We really enjoyed working with you and will cherish our pictures for a lifetime.
Sunila and Samer

Ruby Sabir - Nice pics Dan specially the description of the last moments it’s awesome. - Beautiful pictures! I love how the intricate details of the clothes and jewelry are displayed so well. It’s hard to believe that you haven’t covered a Pakistani wedding before. These pictures, especially the last one, really captured the essence of a Pakistani wedding.

rida - LOVE LOVE LOVE the last photograph! beautiful wedding overall :)

Jonas - Looking smooth, dude!

Nayab - Awesome pics!! You look beautiful Sunila!

Nick Doria - This was a well put together collage depicting the nuances of a Pakistani wedding. The brief comments were effective in communicating the uniqueness of the event as well. Excellent job!

Sumbul - The pictures have come out amazing! Look like something out of a magazine!

Faran - All these pictures have a feeling of that particular moment embedded in it. The picture, in which Sunila is holding a bouquet, could be posted as a magazine cover. Well done.

Rima - Great shots, I love the bokah on the portrait of the bride, and love the shot of everyone dancing, you’ve captured the atmosphere really well!

Joan McKenzie - Joan M – WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Amazing Wedding Pictures.
Your work is Outstanding. You were able to capture the essence of Sunila and Samer’s special day. Each photo came to life. I love how each photo told a special and wonderful story without a single word. You did a brilliant job in capturing the special feelings of love, joy, happiness, fun, laughter, tears and cheers. The colors and the background along with the beautiful and handsome couple — magnificent! Continued success to you.

Kiran Waleed - All I can say is ..WOW! MashAllah

allyson - Wow, that last photo is unbelievable. Love the new blog format with big pics!

Farah - Great emotion and amazing pictures. These pictures really captured the moment!

Zubia - Lovely pictures.I have been watching them over and over.Beautiful bride with unforgettable moments.

kim - that picture of her holding the callas? art capturing art!! spectacular.

Ahmed Fadl - Wonderful shots. Great photography very good job.

Andrea - These images ROCK! I love them all but image #6? Blew me away! The processing you did on that is phenomenal!

I came to your blog through Flickr but am TOTALLY bookmarking you!

Excellent excellent photography!

Bushra - Simply amazing pictures, everyone looks stunning!

rubina qureshi - wow amazing pictures. i hav seen all ur pics which is also amazing. u hav blessed with this talent,,,,, to capture people,food,places etc beatifull……….. but u hav to coverd all pakisatni marriage ceremony which is also hav great fun,,,,,,,

waqas uppal - may pair enjoy alot…

samira - I really adore this wedding outfit. I wanted to know if anyone or Sunila herself could tell me where she got this outfit designed from in Pakistan. Thank You.

Sunila - Still love looking at these pictures! Samira my outfit was from Karachi and its by Aeisha Varsey.

786muslimah - SUNILA~to me it looked like I saw Sadia Imam in 2 of the picz, was that really her? or someone that just looks a lot like her. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ASAP.

786muslimah - SUNILA~by the way you looked gorgeous, love love love the background set up. JUST GORGEOUS. ALLAH HAFIZ.

Kairos - Lovely work!

Sunila - Hi 786muslimah sorry it took so long to get back. Yes that is Sadia Imam, she is a family friend. And thank you for the kind words. :)

waqas uppal - a days i am jobless and happen to visit this great wedding ceremony again, it is still heart throbbing and fantastic!
15/06/2010… is requested to all incumbent visitors ,please contact me if they have any job vacancy!(

masooma - osum pic very nice pic………..

ashu - pakistanis r always d bst proud 2 b pakistani

Pakistani wedding Dresses - What a nice Wedding i love that types of wedding :)

Small Business Web Designers - Nicework man good keep it up.

Pakistani Wedding Photography in Dubai - Really awesome and impressive Pakistani wedding photographs. As the photos of this post disclose the culture and emotions. It’s completely one of stunning work. Really Superb!

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