Beautiful Brooklyn Wedding – Dorick and Lauren

This was the summer of cool Brooklyn Weddings for me, and a perfect example of this was the awesome Brooklyn couple Dorick and Lauren. How could you go wrong with this wedding having your rehearsal dinner at Frankies 457 and then your reception the following day in DUMBO at Superfine. I love my Brooklyn weddings and this one was awesome.

There were musical performances by several talented family members (including the bride singing a beautiful song!) and basically just a long day of good looking people drinking specialty cocktails, enjoying local desserts and partying till late into the evening. You know a couple is going to be cool when they tell you that they’re going to Iceland for their honeymoon..I really liked that.

Dorick and Lauren had a small ceremony at city hall the day before their wedding and then they hired me to capture the rehearsal dinner and reception the following day. We made sure to get some awesome shots of the two of them over the course of the weekend, getting some of my best Brooklyn wedding photos to date.

46 thoughts on “Beautiful Brooklyn Wedding – Dorick and Lauren”

  1. These pictures are absolutely amazing! We never capture such gorgeous pictures of our nieces and nephews because they don’t sit still, these are so natural. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Wow! These are the best wedding photos I have seen! I love how the Brooklyn vibe was so successfully captured…And everyone and everything looks absolutely beautiful. Especially that bride in her red dress!

  3. daniel, i was so tentative to work with a photographer because i really don’t like posing, but i am so glad we chose you. These pictures are amazing, fun, and you made the experience pleasantly easy. it’s incredible how you are in several places at once to catch the perfect shot. you were terrific! thank you!

  4. WOW!! What great remembrances of a romantic weekend! You even captured the whirling dervishes of all the grandkids! Dorick and Lauren deserve the best and it sure looks like your photo-art delivers that! Thank you!

  5. For someone who does not like to have her picture taken you did real well Lauren! Special photos that capture a special day!!

  6. Incredible…….unique…….and oh so special – all of it captured so perfectly through your lens, Daniel. Lauren & Dorick deserved such artistic attention & I can’t wait to see more!

  7. Awwwww. . . I loved them all. Even the cheesy, kissy ones. Thanks for sharing. You both were so radiant. Bless you.

  8. What amazing photos! So beautiful, so artistic. They remind us of that wonderful celebration with Lauren and Dorick.

  9. Amazing pictures, great art and beautiful memories. You captured their wedding story with such a natural elegance, romance and joy…fantastic job ! Lauren and Dorick are adorable…what an amazing couple. Lauren looks gorgeous…bellisima !

  10. Daniel… you did a great job of capturing the moment! Thanks for making my daughter’s wedding even more memorable!

  11. The beautiful photos made my grandaughter’s wedding even more special. Everyone looked beautiful, especially the bride and groom!

  12. Okay, one more post. What did you sing and when can I hear it? Still love the red dress, but not as good as the RWB dance outfit. One more reminder, smart man Dorick!

  13. Ricky and Lauren….OH How I wish I could have been there!!!! But these pictures tell a thousand words….What a Wonderful Day for you both. The love in your eyes says it all. God Bless and live each and every day like newlyweds!!!!! Lots of Love and Hugs……Aunt Maura

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