Brooklyn Wedding Photography – Joey and Maggie

I had the honor of covering Joey and Maggie’s wedding recently at Giando in Brooklyn. I knew Joey because he’s one of the highly talented people that makes up the empire (which includes and where I do a lot of non-wedding photography work).

I think everyone had a blast at this wedding. Maggie and Joey were really up for exploring options for photographs, including the apocalyptic looking Williamsburg area near Giando, which made for some cool/unique wedding photographs. Giando itself is quite elegant and the ceremony had beautiful views of the Williamsburg bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

The party went late into the night and people really got into the Hora (a traditional Jewish dance performed at weddings). I was very pleased with how the photos came out..enough talk, lets check out some from their day:JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1201 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1086sJOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1137supdate JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1100 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1122 joey-and-maggie-1370 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1291 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1080 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1288-final JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1129 JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-1001The Williamsburg bridge, in a wine glass…where it should be: joey-and-maggie-1352-final JOEY-AND-MAGGIE-COLLAGEjoey-and-maggie-1633 joey-and-maggie-1432 joey-and-maggie-1731I love this photo because I feel like I took it 30 years ago (if I wasn’t in diapers I mean):

joey-and-maggie-1690Down By The Hipsters Scott Solish (nice guy I’ve met him a few times now):joey-and-maggie-1527The one the only, Lockhart Steele:joey-and-maggie-1696Maggie has such a beautiful smile and laugh: joey-and-maggie-1484update joey-and-maggie-1598 joey-and-maggie-1515

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