Central Park Wedding

Where do I start with this amazing wedding. If I had to describe Sydney I’d say she was totally elegant, graceful, and of course made a beautiful bride as you can see. James made for a handsome, classy groom. The wedding ceremony took place in Central Park and then a small intimate dinner was held at one of New York City’s most prestigious restaurants, Thomas Keller’s Per Se. The party did not end there though, it actually went across the bridge into Brooklyn, where a larger reception was held at Chesnut, a restaurant in my neighborhood!

It was a beautiful fall day filled with joy and laughter and I tried to capture the most amazing wedding photographs I could..I think I got a few nice one’s so lets get to it (I put a lot in here I was having a hard time leaving any of my favorites out!).

7 thoughts on “Central Park Wedding”

  1. A fully out-of-focus picture that works that well — amazing (in the capture, sure – but more in having the guts and initial vision to go for it in the first place).

    Keep up the great work.

  2. wonderful atmospheric pictures. hard to pick a favorite one, so i wont. you have the right eye.

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