Chelsea Mansion Wedding, Long Island – Megan and James

Where to start with this amazing wedding. Megan was a stunning bride. Her elegance and grace perfectly complimented the spectacular backdrop of the historical Chelsea Mansion in Long Island. The weather for this summer wedding was perfect and everyone had a great time. Megan and James both work for MLB (Major League Baseball) so they went with a theme for the tables with different ball players and the corresponding numbers on their jerseys (cute idea). Some other great shots include the adorable kids, some running around in costumes, capes, and some falling into the pond and having to spend the rest of the evening wrapped in towels! In a touching moment the bride actually delivered her father’s speech because he was too choked up to read it.  The evening ended with laughter, dancing, and sparklers.

And what a great compliment that a fellow photographer was the one who referred this wedding to me. Bill Wadman is a phenomenal portrait photographer, so I was honored that he recommend me (check out his site if you have a minute you’ll see what I mean).

The grounds made for a perfect setting for photography, blending my photo journalism with some formal portraits with my hasselblad. I had a wonderful time at this wedding and think we made some very lovely photos together.

Enjoy viewing them!

18 thoughts on “Chelsea Mansion Wedding, Long Island – Megan and James”

  1. These are gorgeous!
    I love how your processing seems to complement the cameo, which is the most perfect and unique bridal accessory I’ve seen in a long time. Love!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding! Everyone looks so ecstatically happy and the look on the Megan’s face when she’s looking at James is just priceless. Beautiful shots.

  3. Beautiful bride and I love how she did her hair – so elegant and chic. The portrait of her sitting indoors looking outside is perfect.
    And who doesn’t love a bride that picks a big splash of color for her bridal bouquet?

  4. Terrific work, both with the candid moments and portraits. I will say that my favorite shot is of the boys looking at their reflections in the pond – just a wonderful moment captured. Great job on the entire wedding!

  5. Amazing work. The way you used natural light is truly incredible. The bride was wearing such an intricate dress and for you to capture it without losing any of the detail is amazing. I love your post processing as well. Congratulations on a beautifully shot wedding!

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