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Last night I met with a wonderful couple getting married in the Catskills this summer. They were referred to me by Lauren and Erin, a couple who hired me to photograph their same sex marriage a few years ago in Brooklyn. The memory of that beautiful day motivated me to blog that wedding today.

I really enjoyed photographing Lauren and Erin’s special day and was excited when they asked if I would shoot some film. I offer either a few rolls of Holga or Hasselblad as wedding option..and always encourage couples when they show some interest.

The wedding took place at ICI restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Photographing weddings in Brooklyn is always a good time for me, and having the chance to share a commitment ceremony and shoot some Hasselblad was all very cool! I think I captured some really romantic shots and tried to show how beautiful these women looked, focusing on the colors of the day into the night.

Also an update..thank you to Kat at Rock ‘n Roll Bride for blogging this commitment ceremony.. Kat runs a particuarly cool wedding website which features unique, wonderfully creative weddings and I’m excited she’s posted photographs from this one. Check out the link here on Rock ‘n Roll Bride.

I wanted to start with a Wedding Slideshow I made for them:

Erin and Lauren from Daniel Krieger on Vimeo.

Some examples of Hasselblad Wedding Photographs here: The ceremony was really emotional, at one point I looked over to my assistant who was so caught up in speeches that she wasn’t taking photos!  She saw me looking at her and quickly realized she wasn’t taking photos and started shooting was kinda funny.

10 thoughts on “Commitment Ceremony – Brooklyn Wedding Photography”

  1. Really powerful shots. Feel like I’m a part of their intimate celebration. Great job capturing the beauty of this event!

  2. I’m sitting here stunned with awe.

    Two absolutely over the top for me: Girl drinking wine, looking off – such punch and interest. The two betrothed kissing against the red wall under lights – a superb capture of loving emotion.

  3. I was lucky enough to come across these photos while researching photographers for my wedding last year. I instantly fell in love with your work the moment I saw the one of the two girls kissing under the light. I knew that you would be able to capture all of the love & emotion of our wedding day. You have such a wonderful eye and fantastic talent and I couldn’t be happier with the results 🙂

    Thanks Daniel!

  4. Daniel did a great job capturing the many emotions of the day–the photos are exactly what we wanted. Thanks for re-posting! It was a nice walk down memory lane 🙂

  5. Absolutely beautiful photos. You really get a feel of what a special day it was and of the wonderful bond between the brides! Great work.

  6. Thank you for your photos. I wanted to see how a same sex wedding would be handled with grace and class and I am grateful for your examples. Your sensitivity captures love regardless of social boundaries and you are an inspiration.

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