Great New York City Wedding DJs I recommend

I find that a lot of the couples I meet with are meeting with their potential wedding photographer early on in the process. Usually the venue is already picked out (not always though and I love being able to suggest some of my favorite locations) but often the wedding DJ hasn’t been chosen yet. I have a few very cool DJs I recommend including Gary Hoffman (DJ Gaza as he goes by) Colleen Crumbcake (Great name right? Her company is PopShop DJs) and John Sinclair (Aria Melody is the name of his company)

These three are among the best in the industry and when I see their faces come reception time I always smile and know my night is going to be fun. When there’s a good positive atmosphere among the vendors I think it makes for a great night and I definitely feed off of their talent, creatively speaking. I love the tunes all three of these guys spin, but its not just that. They’re all professional, reliable, and good industry folk.

Now the main reason for this post besides plugging them is to show you this awesome video John Sinclair of Aria Melody recently made (and yours truly has a little cameo in it). Great stuff.. check it out.

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