Indian Wedding Photography in Muskoka, Canada


In 2011 I spent an exciting day with Shrey and Archana who flew into New York City for their engagement session with me. Together we had a great afternoon shooting in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

They must have been pleased with their photos—soon after we met in New York, Shrey phoned to ask if I’d fly to Canada to shoot their wedding. Shrey and Archana’s beautiful affair unfolded in Muskoka, a lake region north of Toronto at the stunning Taboo Resort in Canada this past summer. Over the course of two days I shot formal photos of the couple—making full use of the region’s gorgeous natural landscape—and their wonderful ceremony, bursting with the kind of rich colors and vibrant traditions that are so fundamental to Indian weddings.

After the ceremony Archana changed into another beautiful Indian dress and joined the party to dance into the late hours. This was truly one of the most warm and festive weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. It was a great experience and I think we captured some timeless images.




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40 thoughts on “Indian Wedding Photography in Muskoka, Canada”

  1. Amazing Pictures! A truly picturesque wedding in Muskoka and these photos have captured all the special moments with family and friends. Congrats Shrey and Arch! Thanks Daniel for capturing the memories.

  2. Amazing shots!! There couldn’t of been a better venue. Daniel amazing work with the camera, you captured the true essence and the beauty of the event.

  3. Stunning photos! they are so crisp, love the outdoors, the elegant look and vibrancy. I love the one in the trees and also the personalized armani jacket of course!

  4. I absolutely love the pictures. It was a great day with great friends and that moment was captured in this wedding.

  5. Some really well thought out photographs; definately captured the magic between my beloved Arch and new brother-in-law!

  6. Beautiful Wedding and it was truly captured in the pictures…. Congrats Tray and Archie once again … Thank you for making our girls a part of your special day….

  7. Shrey and Archana, I am so happy for you!!!! I truly enjoyed looking at the pictures. Loved the picutres in India. Wonderful memories, great photography.

  8. The photos look awesome!!! Great lighting and candid shots, which will be so nice to have forever. I absolutely love the ring shots and the ones on the dock/water. So nice that all the little details were captured!

  9. Wow… Truly amazing pictures and experience and definitely well captured…. Thanks to the photographer for capturing such great moments for us to relive…. Congrats Trey & Arch, it was wonderful being part of your day.

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