Liberty House Restaurant Wedding – The Indian wedding of Monica and Mahesh

Update: I’m excited to say that South Asian Bride Magazine featured this as one of their Real Weddings. Check it out HERE.

I love photographing Indian weddings and was super excited when I was hired to cover the beautiful wedding this past Labor Day of Monica and Mahesh. They got married at Liberty House Restaurant (just through the tunnel into New Jersey with a great view of downtown Manhattan) which provided the perfect backdrop for a warm, sun filled late summer wedding.

Mahesh took a ferry from Manhattan to the Liberty House and began the traditional Indian wedding processional before the ceremony. I love photographing Indian wedding ceremonies as they have such beautiful details and traditions..when Monica came down the aisle, looking just lovely,  you could just feel how excited everyone was for them.

They were surrounded by beautiful friends and relatives. Everyone was smiling, laughing, and having a good time. From the adorable children to the spirited dancing and speeches, to the intricate  details in the Indian clothing.. I think we caught some amazing wedding photographs through the day.

And check out this slideshow I just put together.

Enjoy the photos!

ann Tuennerman - These are amazing!

Cindy - Spectacular! You’ve really captured the essence of their day.

Jake - Amazing.

j.j. - very nicely done smoothy .

Dearth - I especially like a select few of the candids on this particular wedding. Great work!

DEBORAH DOSAMANTES - great photos. there’s such an ease in your work. creative without prestense. and i always get the sense that you’re enjoying the event.

Brad Ross Photography - Wonderful storytelling!

Stacy McPeek-Smith - I am in awe! These are amazing!! I love that you have shared the whole day with us! WONDERFUL!

Ryan Brenizer - You killed this one, great job. I love the liberty house, even though it’s in Jersey. 😉

Full Moon Farm Medusa, NY - Am loving the mehndi. This is very inspirational.

Fotografo Matrimonio - Wow great wedding. A lot of amazing pictures. Well done!

Phill - This is some of the most vibrant photo-journalism I’ve come across in the wedding photography world, and it blends in so seamlessly with some beautiful portraiture. Monica & Mahesh’s wedding looked stunning, and you seemed to be everywhere and anywhere all at once in order to show us that. Utterly superb work!

Jakob - Great storytelling. I love the patterns and colours too. Good stuff!

deborah kuhl - this is my favorite of your weddings so far. wicked job dude!!! when i grow up i want to be as good a photog. as you 😉

Kelly Ry - Wowza! These are stunning, from start to finish. You absolutely captured the vibrancy of the ceremony and the couple!

shipra - Oh how I love Indian weddings. So much eye-candy to feast on. Your coverage of this wedding is fantastic!

matt shumate - Wow. There are some absolutely wonderful images in there! A great story & beautiful images combine for an outstanding set of photos!

Csanad - what a colourful wedding. Great images, I especially love the last wide-angle shot!

Amber Hughes - Beautiful wedding – I enjoyed your reception photos especially.

Shants - These are AMAZING!!! You really captured the love that everyone was feeling! Great job.

Vibha - I was a guest at this wedding! You have really expressed the emotions of that day! The colors of the wedding and the city backdrop complemented this amazingly vivid couple. Monica and Mahesh have so many family and friends that love them and made their wedding personal and special. I’m glad that is the story that is portrayed through your photos. Great job!

Grishma - breathtaking photos. your work is inspiring.

Udee Narayan - What beautiful pictures! This captures the highlights really well with such vibrant color!

Devki - These pictures are beautiful! Such an amazing wedding, can’t believe we couldn’t make it but glad it went so well :)

deepti - so super cool! love the photos and love the wedding!

Monica - Really nice job Daniel, and thanks for putting us on your blog! Love the photos you chose to feature and it’s nice to know there are many more where those came from. :)

Shilpa L. - what an absolutely breathtaking album! Daniel — you did an amazing job capturing the most special moments of that day! Monica and Mahesh both look gorgeous and so in love!

Ami - These pictures are simply gorgeous! You captured the most memorable moments throughout the wedding weekend…Monica and Mahesh, you guys looks amazing!

Jess - Such color, beauty, love and happiness. Thanks for these amazing photos.

Sachin and Dhira - Amazing pictures for an amazing wedding! Really expresses the fun and laughter we all had!

photodiva30 - Capturing Mumbai in Manhattan couldn’t have been easy – you did a splendid job. What a colorful wedding – these would make beautiful wedding photos on canvas.

a - beautiful photos! you really captured so many wonderful moments of the day.

Dula - OMG fantastic photos! Was honored to be there!

eyebex - awesome!

Isha - These are gorgeous photos! Great job, Daniel!

.K - That last one is superb.

Heather - I love that fisheye shot under the gazebo. Cool!

John Sinclair - Superb!!!

Transform the space - […] Check our this amazing wedding shot from Liberty House. Notice how the space takes on its own identity for Monica and Mahesh. Thank you for the photo courtesy of Daniel Kreiger Photography. Here’s the full set. […]

Sergey - Awesome!

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