Mohonk Mountain Wedding of Daniela and Chris

I wanted to post about this wedding I shot last fall at Mohonk Mountain today because the editor of Rock-N-Roll Bride contacted me and said she wanted to feature it today on their website.  I really dig the style of her web site so of course I was enthusiastic. She particularly liked my use of the Holga for some wedding shots. A Holga is a plastic toy camera that uses 120 Medium Format film which I offer as an option to couples, shooting a few rolls shot at their wedding. I’m always enthused when a wedding couple chooses this because I know they’re going to be a bit more adventurous with the photos. Daniela and Chris were awesome and we spent a lot of time roaming Mohonk Mountain’s beautiful grounds during their wedding.  You can’t really tell by the photos but it was COLD out.. they were troopers though and have these gorgeous photos to remember the day by.. which I’m proud of.


And now for a few of the Holga Photographs:



And one of my personal favorites from the day:


And a fun way to end a wedding… saying “Thank You” of course:


While I’m extremely proud to consider myself a New York City Wedding Photographer, I always love to travel as with this wedding. If you’re doing a destination wedding shoot me an email and I will probably travel to you (unless you’re in like Utica, NY.. no offense 🙂

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  1. Hi, I LOVE your Mohonk photos from the Fall from the site. I think because of your photos I want to have my wedding there next year. What are your rates?

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