New Rochelle Wedding – Tionnei and Jason at the Surf Club

Tionnei and Jason just had fall wedding at the Surf Club in New Rochelle, NY. I really loved the scenery here, which evokes a 60s Tiki resort type atmosphere. The bride and groom were so cool and full of excitement when it came to the photos. I think my favorite shot is Tionnei and Jason standing in front of the old hotel rooms.  She made such a beautiful bride didn’t she?

The food here was pretty great and the bride and groom actually sat both me and my second photographer at a guests table so we got to try everything..I definitely don’t complain when that happens!

Other highlights including the bridesmaids singing during the ceremony and a ton of great dancing during the reception. The entire day was filled with amazing details..really great wedding on a beautiful clear blue sky day!

Tionnei-and-Jason-collage-1 Tionnei-and-Jason-1020 Tionnei-and-Jason-1421 Tionnei-and-Jason-1246 Tionnei-and-Jason-1178 Tionnei-and-Jason-1225 Tionnei-and-Jason-collage2 Tionnei-and-Jason-1238 Tionnei-and-Jason-1253 Tionnei-and-Jason-1233 Tionnei-and-Jason-1273 Tionnei-and-Jason-1196 Tionnei-and-Jason-collage4 Tionnei-and-Jason-1489 Tionnei-and-Jason-1590 Tionnei-and-Jason-1614 Tionnei-and-Jason-1441 Tionnei-and-Jason-1317

3 thoughts on “New Rochelle Wedding – Tionnei and Jason at the Surf Club”

  1. Daniel, you are truly the best!!!! We had so much fun on our day and you captured the feeling of the day perfectly!!!! Thank you so much for your kind words! With Love – Tionnei & Jason

  2. What a beautiful Wedding! The venue, the weather, the food and most of all the family and friends that came to witness such a beautiful union! Daniel truly captured those beautiful moments which will be wonderful memories to come! WELL DONE!

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