A locally sourced Brooklyn Wedding – Katherine and Johnny

I’m really excited to share this recent wedding which had it all, everything you could ask for with a Perfect Brooklyn Wedding.

The Wedding Dress – Let’s start with that. Katherine’s wedding dress which was actually made by one of the Groomsmen, their friend and obviously talented tailor Bobby Frederick Tilley.

The Ceremony – The weather was beautiful and the rites were read in Brooklyn Bridge Park…. Katherine looked stunning in her dress with her flowers by local Brooklyn florist Opalia, Johnny dashing, and their puppy Lola didn’t look too shabby either with flowers round her neck.

The Reception – Might have been the best wedding food I’ve ever had? The always warm and inviting Frankies 457 was host to this amazing Brooklyn wedding, with perfectly set tables and expert waitstaff. There was dancing, heartfelt speeches, some fun props for photos, and local Brooklyn baker Betsy at Nine Cakes who made several scrumptious wedding cakes.

The Photos – Now its time for my part.. I had so many I wanted to share it was hard to pare it down..so here’s a bunch of my favorites from the day.

37 thoughts on “A locally sourced Brooklyn Wedding – Katherine and Johnny”

  1. Daniel, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one we had with you. I seriously cannot stop looking at the photos you took of our wedding. I think you captured all the moments I could have wanted and I barely even realized you were taking photos the whole time. You’re a total pro and an awesome person. Thank you!!!

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful! Daniel you did a wonderful job; I want to have another wedding just so you can be my photographer! Congrats Kat and Johnny!!

  3. Daniel,
    Your pictures of this wedding are fantastic. You captured some wonderful expresssions in your candid photos. These will be the ones that the Bride and Groom treasure forever! I especially like the ones taken around the city after the wedding!

  4. Wow, what gorgeous pictures! I showed them to people who don’t even know the bride & groom just because they’re that good. What a beautiful day.

  5. Gorgeous photos! The one of Katherine alone in black and white is stunning! Should be in a magazine!

  6. I truly enjoyed looking at each and every picture – the wedding dress hanging in the window is an amazing picture. I loved the shot of the shoes, the rings, the ring holder and the handkerchief – another out-of-the-ordinary shot. My favorite is the very last picture of the two of you – your photographer did a wonderful job capturing your love for each other.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. Seeing these photos makes me wish I could get married all over again and hire Daniel to be the photographer.

  8. Such intimate photos of so many moments of that perfect day – preserved for a lifetime. Katherine absolutely radiates from every photo she’s in, and the love Johnny shares with her electrifies each shot. These photos are true treasures!

  9. What a perfectly beautiful “picture perfect” wedding. Great job to the photographer for capturing the love in the couples eyes.
    All the best to the bride and groom for a lifetime of love and happiness.

  10. those bridal portraits at the top are stunning! and i love the details too. quirkiness and humor come through beautifully. great set.

  11. Lots of amazing photos here but the shot with the shoes & other details is now stuck in my head. I’ve had a similar shot in my imagination for a long time. Yours makes me not want to take that picture ever for fear that it would be terribly inferior.

  12. Lovely images Daniel….I wish I had shot the image of the shoes with the thread.

    I am a little jealous too, I would love to shoot a wedding in NYC.

  13. So wonderful, so warm. I guess when working with these beautiful subjects the standard is quite high. The warmth & love certainly come through in these images. Thanks for sharing them. Makes me proud to be a Brooklyn girl.

  14. Really great photo’s Daniel. I know that both families will treasure these for years to come! Good job!

  15. The portraits of the bride are gorgeous! What a great location to celebrate a wedding. 🙂 “unique-wedding-photography.jpg” (interesting image-name, I think) looks so warm and “close” – great photos! What’s that key for?! The leather – tag looks great.

  16. Lovely wedding.. altho, please – someone explain to me the purpose of the mustaches? what the heck is that for???

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