Picnic House Prospect Park – Film Wedding Photography

For today’s photo of the day, I wanted to share this wedding at the Picnic House in Prospect Park of this beautiful, happy couple Alycia and Mark. I love Brooklyn Weddings and the Picnic House is definitely a great venue for anyone wanting to keep their wedding in the city but also get some nature at the same time.


I took these three photos with my film camera, a medium format camera called a Hasselblad, which Alycia and Mark had requested. Whenever I meet with couples I let them know its an option that is fun for people who want the experience of getting some real film back and the quality of the images this camera produces are beautiful..so I’m always excited when I get to use it. The image of Alycia to the left and the far right of Mark were taking during the ceremony and the middle was right after they got married..enjoy!


Picnic House Brooklyn

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  1. These are amazing pictures! Candid shots are also dramatic and these portraits often reveal more than the quality of the picture itself; in fact, many professionals use the zoom to capture intimate and memorable moments.

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