Punk Rock Wedding

I’m proud to have another one of my weddings featured on Rock-N-Roll Bride, a website for creative weddings with unqiue brides/grooms and just general good vibing weddings.. it’s a great site to check out for ideas if you’re getting married.

This is the wedding of Alysson and David which I shot recently in Queens, NY. The ceremony took place in a quirky, quaint church in Queens and was headed by the grooms father, who is the Reverend there. At the wedding were a few of the original singers of Blondie, another very cool detail. I loved the mixture of people there and the overall feel of the night. One of my favorite parts of the day was when some loud old school punk music came on the speakers and the bride and groom ripped up the dance floor.

Some photos:

Alysson-and-David-1035 Alysson-and-David-1030 Alysson-and-David-1006 Alysson-and-David-1021 Alysson-and-David-1062Alysson-and-David-1096Alysson-and-David-1104Alysson-and-David-1152Alysson-and-David-1171Alysson-and-David-1239Alysson-and-David-1226 Alysson-and-David-1213Alysson-and-David-1268Alysson-and-David-1432Alysson-and-David-1496Alysson-and-David-1209Alysson-and-David-1550Alysson-and-David-1530

14 thoughts on “Punk Rock Wedding”

  1. Dude, you are one awesome photographer! I enjoy researching and looking at pics just to get ideas. And this set is truly phenominal! Great shots!

  2. dayum, these seriously are great shots =),

    kinda weird to look at tho, its like getting a close look at a moment in life that i wanted to be part of and feel i was meant to be part of, but simply wasnt

  3. Beautiful photos. I’d love to list off my favorites but there’s just to many. The red roses against her dress, the cake, Dave and Alysson on the dance floor. Any picture with a kiss =) I could go on and on. Great work.

  4. Awesome shots!!!! Almost glamour. Kind of like you were ordered by the punk rock royalty to photograph at the palace! good shots 🙂

  5. Those are great photographs! You really captured the feel of the wedding and the style of the bride and groom! I am really impressed!!!

  6. Incredible photos, Daniel!! So glad that the “punk royalty” chose you as their photographer.

  7. Wonderful photos that not only captured the moment by the essence of who Alyson and David are….of course I knew Alyson way back when but she is even more beautiful now!

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