Staten Island Wedding Photography – Dan and Alicia

Shot a lovely wedding a few months ago with Dan and Alicia at the Vanderbilt in Staten Island, which was actually the first time I’ve photographed a wedding in Staten Island. I’ve now been a wedding photographer in all 5 boroughs, shooting weddings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and now Staten Island..pretty cool!
Dan and Alicia made quite the handsome couple. Alicia just looked gorgeous and had such a glowing smile. My favorite photo from the day will be quite evident when you scroll through these.. we found a few older ladies sitting on a bench who were willing to pose for us.. very funny and cool wedding photo I thought..check them out:DAN-AND-ALICIA--1024 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1055 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1091 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1215 DAN-AND-ALICIA--11172 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1274 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1044 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1112 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1505 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1333 Staten Island Wedding Photography DAN-AND-ALICIA--1584 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1577 DAN-AND-ALICIA--1548 Staten Island Wedding Photography DAN-AND-ALICIA--1594

2 thoughts on “Staten Island Wedding Photography – Dan and Alicia”

  1. daniel you are so inspiring to novices like my husband and i who are just starting out in this ‘biz’. i can’t help but have a big smile when i scroll through your photos- and a ALWAYS DO scroll through your photos!! thanks for sharing.
    ps- i love the shot in this set of the two elderly ladies and the younger man between them. CUTE-O-RAMA!!

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