The hip and stylish wedding of Scott and Kat

Earlier this week I posted some engagement photographs from Scott and Kat which I shot earlier this year in Brooklyn. Recently their wedding took place in Hershey, PA. While I love photographing weddings in New York City, I do enjoy traveling around and had never been to Hershey (well maybe when I was young but I don’t remember).

The bride and groom were a very cool couple, and chose to have the entire wedding party wear Converse sneakers, which made for a few fun photos.

The groom had the idea to print out some photos from our engagement shoot and use them as table markers, which I loved..though that was quite cool (I included a few here in the stream). We used a lot of natural light for the portraits, which I always love doing.. now for the photos:


Thank you for hiring me to photograph your wedding Scott and Kat!

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