The New York Botanical Gardens – An Abigail Kirsch Wedding

If you’re going to ask me where’s a beautiful place to get married in New York City, I have a few recommendations… I’ve had the pleasure to shoot at some awesome spots all over NYC, Long Island, and New Jersey, but a really special location is the NY Botanical Garden, which is an Abigail Krisch property. If the time of year is right and you can have your ceremony outdoors its just such a beautiful backdrop..and the trees and flowers offer some wonderful, vibrant colors.

And from the first photo of Michelle you know I was as happy as Greg was because she looked stunning and so comfortable in front of the camera. Her dress was gorgeous and the weather was perfect for a wedding. Combine these things together with a rowdy, fun group ready to dance (and drink a few shots) and I have some of my best photography to date.. From the silly faces to the endless dancing and laughter it was hard to decide which photos I wanted to post but I think we got some gems here in this beautiful fall wedding…

Oh and a quick funny story. Greg and I share the same last name just randomly, no relation. He had found me online earlier this year when he proposed to Michelle and I took a few photos for a quick proposal/engagement session. I’m honored they came back to me for the photography of their wedding..ok no more talking enjoy the photos!

22 thoughts on “The New York Botanical Gardens – An Abigail Kirsch Wedding”

  1. Daniel, we couldn’t be more pleased with the photographs! You captured our day in such a special way. Can’t wait to show everyone your unique style and talent. We are so happy our last names brought us together!!!

  2. Amazing set – great colors, gorgeous couple and that combo of 2 shots of the lady (someone’s mom?) on the chair being held up is hilarious. Fantastic work!!!

  3. Daniel, these are absolutely gorgeous – I really particularly love the one with the grooms hands on her hips and the back of her dress. Really stunning set, you did a great job.

  4. you’re right, the bride is just showstopping… what a lovely lady! so many smiles throughout – looks like this was such a fun wedding. you did an amazing job of capturing that feeling!

  5. The photographer has taken the pictures from the beginning till the end very nicely and displayed accordingly, the change of color he brings to the pictures is marvelous. The pictures are so natural that it gives me a feeling as if I was there and watching the wedding. Nice pictures and congrats to both couple and photographer.

  6. Hello Daniel,
    Just finished looking at your photographs of the Ahoubim/Krieger wedding and I am stunned at quality of your work. The images are amazing and you have allowed us to experience the celebration as if we were among the invited guests. Bravo! My husband Michael is a cousin to Ellen Krieger but have only connected a few times over the years- last time in 1993 in a backyard gathering at the home of her brother Gary Sirota. Since I am in charge – self appointed-of compiling a family tree on for the Link/Waratt/Sirota/Krieger etc. families, I had wanted to have a photo of Greg and the newest Link family member-Michelle on their wedding day. I checked out Facebook first and enjoyed the few photos posted there – could easily do a screen shot- and that led me to you. I was not ready for what I found on your website. You are a genius! How could I pick just one photo to use? I would like to post some of your photos – bride and groom, family, ketubah signing, etc. on the Link Family Tree using the Daniel Krieger logo.Would that be a possibility? At the time the tree is private since some cousins have young children and they did not want their images or details to be viewed by just anyone. However, I am happy to invite you to have access to the tree-In fact you may find it interesting. There are over 500 relatives-many in the New York area that were not at the wedding but I bet would love to see the photos. Please let me know your thoughts. And if you decide to go ahead as a guest on the tree then let me know which email address to use.
    Best, Judy Taback, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California PS We have some beautiful venues, too.

  7. OH MY GOD Daniel! I love the variety of looks you are showing in this post: wide angles, medium, long, dragging the shutter, off camera flash, use of strobes and flash to light the venue, the way you position and anticipate the moments, the perspectives (low, mid high). I’ve never seen so much variety of shots in one wedding and all so beautifully executed. A true work of a master! My hat off to you!!!

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