Wedding Crashers Fair – The Best of Brooklyn Weddings

Last Saturday’s Wedding Crashers event at the Bell House in Park Slope was a great resource for Brooklyn brides and grooms — and any couple looking to bring a bit of indie spirit to their affair. As a speaker at the fair, I was able to meet a ton of hip prospective brides and grooms, who all seemed to really be enjoying themselves.

All the vendors there were amazing, really in my opinion some of the best wedding related businesses in New York City. The food, music, flowers, invitations, outfits, and people overall were so cool I was honored to be a part of it.

I gave a speech on wedding photography, going over a 10 point list of “Things to look for in a Wedding Photographer”. It was well attended and I got some very pertinent questions from the audience. I was a bit nervous and missed a few points but overall I think it went well 🙂

Some of the vendors who were there in no particular order:

Blossom and Branch

Frankie’s 457 and Prime Meats (best hand rolled pretzels I’ve ever had)

Popshop DJs (very cool wedding dj)

Brooklyn Bride Online (She’s the one place I advertise on)

Cleaver Company (mini chicken pot pies..oh baby)

Michael Arenella and his dreamland orchestra (awesome, original band for a wedding)

The engagements

Root Stock, and Quade

Artikal millinery (she makes really cool head accessories for brides)

Hello Super 8

Aisle Dash

Brooklyn Brewery

Small World Terrariums

I walked around for a few minutes and snapped a couple shots while I was there:

A few shots of me speaking, courtesy of Sam Horine Photography:

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