Film wedding portraits

One of my favorite things to do at a wedding is to use my Hasselblad, an older manual film camera which shoots medium format 6x6cm film. There’s a quality to the images it produces that makes me (and my clients) happy. I love the fact you really need to take your time framing, metering, and manually focusing on your subject. I of course love my digital cameras but the chance to shoot a few frames with a film camera is something I’ve always enjoyed. Here’s a couple images from a truly beautiful wedding I recently photographed in Connecticut.

film wedding photography


Fotos Boda - Wow! Film is not dead! Go for it!

Lindsay - These pictures are really lovely — I love the soft backgrounds, nature is a beautiful backdrop.

Adam - Stunning photos!

Louis Blythe Photography - Some great shots in here. I love the idea of shooting more film portraits at weddings.

Douglas Fry - I completely agree – film is a fantastic way to shoot.

Cassandra ~ Aruba Photographers - Love the results. These are beautiful! Great job doing all this manually.

Instagram wedding photography

For anyone who checks my wedding website here, you might have noticed that I haven’t updated in a long long time. I’ve been very busy traveling and photographing a lot of food recently, working on cookbooks and shooting for several food based publications (such as Bon Ap and Food&Wine). I’m still photographing a good amount of weddings especially with the summer season approaching. I’ve been dabbling with instagram a lot recently and you can see more of my work through my account @danielkrieger

This specific image was shot with my iPhone last week (as all of my work featured on my instagram account is). Amy looked amazing with her vintage style dress and veil at her Brooklyn wedding at the Liberty Warehouse.


New York Wedding

Cassandra - Aruba Weddings - Totally awesome! Especially by an iPhone!!!

London Wedding Photographer - Great to see you posting again. This is fantastic. Shows what a good photographer can achieve when they’ve mastered light. It’s not about having the best sensor or the sharpest lens!

Lindsay - Her dress is so beautiful!

Elusive Visions Wedding Photography - I rarely check out other wedding photographers websites, but your work never fails to amaze!

New York Botanical Garden Wedding

Leah and Greg were so fun, cute, and easygoing it was such a pleasure working with them at the New York Botanical Garden, one of my favorite New York venues to photograph a wedding. At one point in the night I had them sneak away from the dance floor for a few minutes to catch this image. Here’s to many more years of happiness for these two, cheers!

NY Botanical Garden wedding

Alex from Essex - Lovely image.
It’s so hard to process light like this for a pleasing colour balance. Nice warm tone without being too tungsten.

Have a good 2014

Denver Photographer - Great lighting here, I love the mood of these ones!

London Wedding Photographer - Another great shot.

Robert Knapp - Beautiful Bokeh. Its a great technique.

Aruba Photographer - Cassandra - Love the bokeh background!

cipriani photography - Just amazing. I love your style.

London Wedding Photographer Big Day Weddings - It’s not just the lighting or bokeh for us, it’s the fact that both lips and hands are meeting too giving the image more power. Great.

Style N Tips - Great lightning and a very great pose you have captured. Awesome work man. Thanks for sharing these images.

Lightworks Photography - Great lighting. Is there a flash off to the right slightly? Unfortunately you see so many images like this where the background is way to dark and it looses the warmth and context that you have got here. Lovely image!

Stacy Squires Photography - a truly stunning shot

Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer - Beautiful lighting and lovely composition!

North Dakota Wedding Photography - Awesome, vivid color on these! I’m loving the golden backdrop.

Charleston Wedding Photography

This past weekend I photographed the beautiful wedding of Stacie and Craig at the William Aiken House in Charleston, South Carolina. These two had great smiles and just exuded happiness, it was a pleasure to spend the day working with them both. Here’s a quick photo we took right after the ceremony.


Charleston Weddings

Sara May- Portland Wedding Photographer - Super cute, can’t wait to see more. I love Charleston!

Nasser Gazi - London Wedding Photographer - I agree. Really fantastic image.

Nick English - Lovely natural happy photo!

NJ Wedding Photographer - The couple looks like a lot of fun as well. Gotta love a groom who loves his picture taken. Awesome shot. Thanks for sharing!

NJ wedding video - The couple looks like a lot of fun as well. Gotta love a groom who loves his picture taken. Awesome shot. Thanks for sharing!

Denver Photographer - Great colors and emotion here in this one. I love the reflected light on his face.

Robert Knapp - Great photograph. So warm and inviting. I love when clients can’t keep a straight face during the shoot.

Cinematic Wedding Sydney - Just pure emotions and love. I adore what you do and you are a big inspiration to what I do…Thank you

Linda - Cute photo.

wedding photographer chicago - I love the colors and how you use the light.

Becky Male - Ahhh they look so happy – a really natural capture.

Wedding Photographers In Dubai - Wow….. Really Great Timing. I have found extreme emotion in this photograph. I can feel this click. Really impressive work!

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